Does Cade Stover Have A Brother? Meet Sister Gabby Stover

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Cade Stover does not have a brother, but he has two sisters, one of whom is also an athlete. Moreover, he does have a cousin brother and they play on the same team.

A name to look out for in future drafts is Cade Stover. He is a young energetic man with plenty to contribute.

In addition, his family is all into sports. His sister Gabby and his cousin brother Garrett are also student-athletes.

Ohio State Buckeyes Player Cade Stover
Ohio State Buckeyes Player Cade Stover (Source: Instagram)

Cade Stover is a 23-year-old collegiate-level athlete from Mansfield, Ohio. Stover attended Lexington High School and started his football journey there.

Furthermore, during his schooling era, he won Ohio Gatorade Player of the Year and was Ohio’s Mr. Football. This led to him becoming a four-star recruit and had multiple offers from colleges all across the nation.

In the end, Stover decided to play for his hometown institution, the Ohio State University. For the Buckeyes he has been playing in two positions, the linebacker and the tight end.

Moreover, Cade excels in both spots and is gaining ample experience before making the big move. He played in the 2022 Peach Bowl and Rose Bowl and was on the third team of the All-Big Ten.

Cade Stover Siblings: Does He Have A Brother?

The answer to whether Cade Stover has a brother or not is, no, he does not. He has two siblings, both sisters Gabby Stover and Tatum Stover.

However, he does have a cousin brother who is also making huge strides as an athlete.

Meet Sister Gabby Stover

Among Cade’s two younger sisters, Gabby is the one closest to him, as they pretty much grew up together.

Her full name is Gabrielle Stover and she is 22-year old. In addition, Gabby is also an athlete and plays basketball as a guard or a forward.

Gabby played for Lexington High School and led Lady Lex to the 19-20 conference championship and was also the player of the year. 

Gabby Stover
Gabby Stover (Source: LUA)

Eventually, she joined Lourdes University where she majored in business administration. There she played basketball for 2 years and made a fantastic impression as a name on the Dean’s list.

At present, Gabby is into coaching, she is the coach of her own high school team, the Lady Lex. Being a varsity coach at such a young age is a big challenge for Gabby.

Nonetheless, she is made for challenges and further clarified saying, “The surreal feeling finally hit when the school board approved me. It is exciting for sure.”

Youngest Sister Tatum

Tatum Stover is the youngest member of the Stover household. She is still in her early teens and has not made any headlines yet like her two siblings.

However, with the Stover genes, you cannot rule out anything. Maybe one day she will become a greater athlete than Cade and Gabby.

Cade Stover Cousin Brother: Meet Garrett Stover

Garrett is another athlete from the Stover household who has announced his arrival on the big stage.

He is 19-year old and celebrates his birthday on 10th May.

Garrett Stover
Garrett Stover (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Garrett plays football like his older cousin Steve and is a linebacker.

He attended Big Walnut High School and started playing there. Then the Ohio State Buckeyes recruited him and signed the younger Stover in the class of 24.

Moreover, he will be playing with Cade, and the two brothers are all set to dominate the field together.





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