Does Cale Yarborough Have A Brother? Parents & Family

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Cale Yarborough brother: NASCAR legend Cale Yarborough is the eldest of three children and has two brothers.

Cale, a South Carolina native, was known for his grit, determination, and fearless attitude towards car racing.

The racing world is mourning the death of one of its favorite heroes, Cale Yarborough. In addition to his career accolades, his charming personality will also be missed.

NASCAR Legend Cale Yarborough
NASCAR Legend Cale Yarborough (Source: The State)

Cale Yarborough was born on March 27, 1939, in South Carolina, United States.

He was into car racing and sports from an early age, attending the Southern 500 in 1951.

In Timmonsville High School, Cale was a football star and tried his hands in amateur boxing.

In 1957, he entered the racing scene as a driver in the Southern 500, finishing in the 42nd position. After his debut, the heights his career reached knew no bounds.

Undoubtedly, the highlight achievement of his racing career came in the late 70s, winning three consecutive NASCAR championships.

In 1988, he concluded his racing career with a final season driving an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

He participated in 10 races throughout the season and achieved two ninth-place finishes. Subsequently, he retired from car racing at the end of the year.

Overall, Cale’s career was filled with accolades and achievements, which admirers even to this day recognize. Unfortunately, he passed away in December 2023 at the age of 84.

Does Cale Yarborough Have A Brother?

As mentioned earlier, Cale was born into a family with three children. Cale was the eldest of three sons, meaning he had two younger brothers.

Although his younger brothers are not in the public limelight, their role in helping shape Cale into the legend he became cannot go unnoticed.

Cale Yarborough Celebrating A Victory
Cale Yarborough Celebrating A Victory (Source: Fox News)

To add, there is confusion that LeeRoy Yarborough, the American stock racer, is Cale’s brother. We can report that this is false.

Cale Yarborough’s Parents And Family

The racing champion was born to his parent’s father, Julian, and his mother, Annie Yarborough, in Timmonsville, South Carolina.

Julian also engaged in various occupations, such as tobacco farming, operating a cotton gin, and owning a store.

Tragically, he lost his life in a private airplane crash when Cale was just twelve years old.

His mother, Annie, also helped in Julian’s ventures and was crucial in raising Cale and his two brothers.

Involving their three sons in farming, the parents taught them life lessons of hard work, resilience, and grit from early on.

In terms of his marital life, he married his wife, Betty Jo Thigpen, in 1961.

The pair raised three children: B.J., Kelley, and Julie. In his later years, Cale was involved in farming and ranching and ran a few businesses with his wife and family.

Cale And His Wife Betty
Cale And His Wife Betty (Source: X)

To sum up, the life chronicle of Cale Yarborough started with being a hard-working and fearless child transitioning into a loving husband and proud father.

Cale Yarborough’s Death At 84: What Was The Cause?

In a recent piece of tragic news, the racing world was informed about the passing of one of its legends, Cale Yarborough, at age 84.

According to the statement given by his family to the press, he was fighting a rare genetic disorder.

Nascar and sports fans, in general, are pouring tributes and condolences to the daring driver on social media. The void he leaves behind in motorsports will be challenging to fill.

“Cale Yarborough was one of the toughest competitors NASCAR has ever seen,” stated NASCAR CEO Jim France on X. 

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