Does Cam Thomas Have Brother? Meet Sister Shaniece Collins

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Cam Thomas sister, Shaniece Collins, is his only sibling. The Brooklyn Nets player has no brother and was born in Japan. 

His mother, Leslie Thomas, is an Army veteran. After spending four years in the Army, she left the Army to have her first child, Shaniece. A decade later, she had her second child, Cam Thomas, while living in Japan.

Cam Thomas Pictured On The Red Carpet Of The Draft Night In 2021
Cam Thomas Pictured On The Red Carpet Of The Draft Night In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

She raised the two kids as a single parent and instilled hard work and discipline in them since they were kids. Despite their age gap, Shaniece and Cam share a strong bond. 

Cam Thomas came off the bench to score 36 points in the season opener, but that wasn’t enough to push his side to a victory against the Cavaliers.

Thomas had the chance to become the match hero at the end but failed to connect on a three-pointer, which the Nets coach Jacque Vaughn said was drawn up for Mikal Bridges.

Cam Thomas Sister, Shaniece Collins 

Cam Thomas’ sister, Shaniece Collins, is the only sibling of the NBA youngster. Shaniece is Cam’s older half-sister with whom he shares a close bond.

Though Shaniece is a decade older than Cam, she has been one of the most supportive people in his life. Shaniece is available on X (formerly Twitter) with the username @__love3pink and is seen sharing only positive posts about her brother. 

Cam Thomas Sister, Shaniece Collins Pictured Last Year In February
Cam Thomas’ Sister, Shaniece Collins, Pictured Last Year In February (Source: Twitter)

Collins was one of the few people who inspired Cam to play basketball. Cam began playing basketball at five when he saw his sister, Shaniece, 15, shoot hoops at a nearby recreation center. 

With her brother’s growing popularity, Shaniece can be seen promoting his merch website, Cam24Thomas, on her social media handle.

On her X bio, Shaniece has proudly stated she is the big sister of Cam Thomas, and her cover picture is that of her, Cam, their mom, and a man who is likely to be her partner. 

Cam Thomas Raised By A Single Mother

The Brooklyn Nets shooting guard Cam Thomas has always thanked one person for his overall success in life. It’s his mom, Leslie Thomas. 

A former high school basketball player, Leslie is an Army veteran. In his interview, Thomas shared his mother instilled work ethic and discipline in him. 

Leslie joined the Army in 1990 and spent four years stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina; Daegu, South Korea; and Fort Riley, Kansas. 

In her interview with Andscape, Leslie said, “The Army teaches you discipline. It teaches you to be on time. And I took pride in that.”

The basketball player has implemented his mother’s teaching. He wakes up fast to reach his appointments early and keeps in check with his daily routine. Leslie realized her son’s basketball talent when he was five.

Cam Thomas Pictured With His Mother, Leslie Thomas During An Event
Cam Thomas Pictured With His Mother, Leslie Thomas, During An Event (Source: Twitter)

The family put up a goal in the driveway, where she began teaching her son to shoot first mid-range jumpers and then three-pointers. He urged his mother to transform his bedroom into Kobe World, as he was a huge fan of the late Laker star. 

He wanted to have Kobe sheets, blankets, and rugs, and Leslie also painted her son’s walls Lakers purple and gold. The mother-son duo would practice at the South Norfolk Community Center, a place that was walking distance from their home.

They began showing up so many times that the regulars of the community reserved a goal just for them. If kids his age had private instructors or coaches, Cam only had his mom. 

The two had a 10-in-a-row rule, meaning if Cam failed to do any skill perfectly ten times in a row, he couldn’t perform it in a game. Previously, Leslie said their practice time was like a bonding time for them.

As Cam was always a serious kid, he didn’t talk much, but when he used to get his shots, he would engage in conversation, talk, and laugh.

In 2021, it was reported that Leslie had moved with her son to Baton Rouge. And though Cam didn’t live with her, the basketball player would 90% of the time be there. 

In 2021, on the draft night, Leslie sat beside her son as Adam Silver called out his name as the 27th pick. Leslie always told her son, “Let your light shine.” The basketball star showed he had stitched those words into his coat during an interview before the draft announcement. 

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