Does David Tyree Have A Son? Meet Daughter Sophia And Hannah

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David Tyree son, Teyon Tyree earlier this year joined the US Airforce. The former NFL player has four sons and three daughters with his wife, Leilah Tyree.

The wide receiver of the New York Giants, David Tyree, is famously known for his “Helmet Catch.” The catch is remembered as the reason the Giants won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

David And Leilah Tyree Click A Selfie Before Heading Out In November 2022
David And Leilah Tyree Click A Selfie Before Heading Out In November 2022 (Source: Instagram)

After that catch, David played two more seasons before retiring and became an executive with the Giants in 2014. Tyree is currently an entrepreneur and established his business, DT3 Enterprises, in 2021. 

Tyree is also the host of Catch The Moment Podcast, which is available on YouTube and Spotify. The former NFL player also shares videos and photos of wholesome family moments on his social media handle. He affectionately refers to his family as The Tyree Nation.  

Does David Tyree Have A Son?

David Tyree doesn’t only have a son but has four of them. The former NFL player and his wife, Leilah Tyree, became parents for the first time in 2002, as she gave birth to their son, Teyon Tyree.

Leilah and David had Teyon before their marriage and before he was drafted in the NFL. Unlike his father, Teyon didn’t take the athletic route. 

Earlier this year, in February, David announced his eldest son had joined the US Air Force. Teyon is currently a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has previously worked as a volunteer with Saint Clare’s Health.
David And Leilah Pictured With Their Two Sons, Teyon (Left) And Josiah
David And Leilah Pictured With Their Two Sons, Teyon (Left) And Josiah (Source: Instagram)

On his LinkedIn, Teyon has stated he is an airman for the United States Air Force. Teyon is available on Instagram with the username @t.tyr33 and has shared only four posts, with the recent one being a trip to Mt. Lemmon.

The eldest child of the Tyree family, Teyon has previously shared an appreciation for his father. He shared a series of pictures of David and wrote he is the coolest father one could ask for. Probably, the best compliment a dad can get. 

David and Leilah’s second child was also a boy. Josiah Tyree was born on November 4, 2004, and graduated from high school earlier this year. He is available on Instagram with the username @

The couple had their second child during a difficult phase in David’s career. When Leilah was pregnant with Josiah, David was put behind bars for marijuana possession. 

But after coming out of jail, the former NFL player transformed his life and never looked back. Leilah and David had twin girls before they had two more boys, Solomon and Samuel. 

David Tyree Twin Daughters, Sophia, And Hannah

David Tyree and his better half, Leilah, have three daughters. Sophia and Hannah are twins, and the couple had their seventh child and third daughter, Alina, in 2013. 

David and Leilah welcomed their twin daughters, Sophia and Hannah, on February 20, 2008. His two girls have stayed away from social media, but David and Leilah have shared a few content related to the girls on their Instagram handle. 

David Tyree Pictured With His Kids Participating In A 5K Marathon
David Tyree Pictured With His Kids Participating In A 5K Marathon (Source: Instagram)

Last year, Leilah and David shared a family picture including all their seven kids taking part in a marathon.

In his Instagram post, David wrote he had started making his family run the annual 5k to get them moving and was surprised at how excited his kids were for the challenge. 

At times, David shares videos of him dropping off his kids at school and also videos joking with his last born, Alina, time and again. In 2020, David and Leilah started a juice shop in New Jersey.

The shop was named “Clean Juice,” and Leilah mentioned her teenage kids worked day and night, and she was shocked at how well they adapted and took ownership of the place. 

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