Top 10 Super Bowl Moments

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Top 10 Super Bowl Moments!! One of the most celebrated sporting events in football, Super Bowl 2023, is set to kick off on February 13, 2023. There have been numerous memorable moments in every Super Bowl ever held. 

Super Bowl has been taking place since 1966. The championship celebrated its “golden anniversary” at the Super Bowl 50 for the 2015 season.

So there is a multitude of golden Super Bowl moments experienced by the game. You can ask NFL fans which are their top 10 Super Bowl moments, and you will find that no answer will be the same.

Lombardi Trophy
Lombardi Trophy (Source: Nikco Sports)

In this article, we have compiled some of the best moments in the Super Bowl that we feel deserves to be called the top moments of the championship.

These moments are some of the most incredible ones ever seen in the history of Super Bowl. Without further delay, let us explore these top ten moments!

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Super Bowls Moments
10. XXXVI Beginning of The Brady-Belichick Era
9. XXV Scott Norwood Misses Wide Right For Buffalo Bills
8. XLIX Malcolm Butler Saves The Game With A Goal-line Interception
7. XLI Devin Hester’s Opening Kickoff of The Super Bowl For A TD
6. LII Nick Foles’ “Philly Special” TD For Philadelphia Eagles
5. XXIII San Francisco 49ers’ 92-yard Game-winning Drive
4. XLIII Santonio Holmes Scores In The Dying Seconds
3. LI The First Overtime of The Super Bowl
2. XXXIV Tennessee Titans Finish One Yard Short
1. XLII David Tyree’s Helmet Catch

Top 10 Super Bowl Moments

We have prepared our list with the help of references from internet sites like SkySports, AthlonSports, etc.

10. Super Bowl XXXVI

Our first pick is from Super Bowl XXXVI. The game was between St. Louis Rams and the New England Patriots for the 2001 season final.

Patriots were the underdog at the time with no previous wins and third appearance at the Super Bowl. The Rams had previously won the Super Bowl in 1999 and were heavily favored at the time of the game.

However, the Patriots defeated the Rams with a 20-17 score and won their first Super Bowl championship. The game is also known for the “The Greatest Show on Turf” offense.

Patriots' Tom Brady celebrating Super Bowl XXXVI win
Patriots’ Tom Brady Celebrating Super Bowl XXXVI Win (Source: Boston Globe)

Bill Belichick was the head coach, and Tom Brady, who played the quarterback position, played the most significant role in winning the team. As a result, Brady became the Super Bowl MVP.

The Super Bowl XXXVI is considered one of the most historical significances as it helped launch the Brady-Belichick era, known as the New England Patriots dynasty.

The game is also among the top spot for the NFL’s Greatest Games of all time rankings.

9. Super Bowl XXV

For our ninth pick, we look back at the Super Bowl XXV held at Tampa Stadium, Florida. The Super Bowl is famous for Scott Norwood’s last-second missed 47-yard wide right.

The Buffalo Bills and New York had only a single point difference, and the Bills gave their try at a 47-yard field goal. Had Norwood been successful at the attempt, the Bills would have won the game and the championship.

However, with eight seconds remaining on the clock, Norwood’s kick flew right off the uprights and failed. The Bills lost the championship and started their four-game losing streak in the Super Bowl.

Norwood misses wide right for Bills
Norwood Misses Wide Right For Bills (Source: Buffalo News)

Super Bowl XXV became the only Super Bowl to be decided by one point. Similarly, it is the only game where neither team committed a turnover. The Giants set a Super Bowl record for holding possession of the ball.

It became one of the most memorable moments in Super Bowl history. Likewise, the game ranks number 10 in the NFL’s 100 Greatest Games series.

8. Super Bowl XLIX

The eighth moment on our list is Malcolm Butler’s game-saving goal-line interception for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. The game took place between the Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.

The game took place at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Arizona. The Patriots were led by head coach Bill Belichick and the quaterback of the team, Tom Brady. Meanwhile, the Seahawks were the defending champions.

The game’s most memorable moment happened with just over two minutes remaining. The Seahawks made their last play move to score a winning touchdown from Patriots’ 1-line yard.

Malcolm Butler Saves Game with Goal-Line Interception
Malcolm Butler Saves Game With Goal-Line Interception (Source: The Providence Journal)

But Patriots’ cornerback Malcolm Butler made a game-winning interception. Consequently, the Patriots won the game with a 28-24 score, and the interception became one of the greatest in NFL history.

Although Tom Brady was named the Super Bowl MVP, Butler’s interception is remembered as legendary. Similarly, has ranked his interception fifth on their 100 Greatest Plays list.

7. Super Bowl XLI

Super Bowl XLI took place at Dolphin Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida. The match occurred between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears, with musician Prince headlining the halftime show.

The memorable moment came early in this Super Bowl. The Bears made the then-earliest lead in Super Bowl history, thanks to Devin Hester. He returned the opening kickoff 92 yards for a touchdown 14 seconds into the game.

Hester's kick-off TD to open Super Bowl XLI
Hester’s Kickoff TD To Open Super Bowl XLI (Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Hester was still in his rookie season and became the first player to return a Super Bowl opening kickoff for a touchdown in NFL history.

With the help of Hester, the Bears made a strong start. However, the Colts forced five turnovers while dominating the game. Colts defeated Bears by 29-17 and took the Lombardi trophy that year.

6. Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII is considered one of the best Super Bowl games of all time. It is well-remembered for several record-setting moments, especially Nick Foles’ “Philly Special” touchdown for Philadelphia Eagles.

The game was between Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. It took place at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Eagles had the upper hand, with one minute and five seconds remaining for the game to end. Foles had made 28 pass attempts for 373 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception during the game.

Foles' "Philly Special" TD for Eagles
Foles’ “Philly Special” TD for Eagles (Source: Pinterest)

Then, he caught a one-yard touchdown pass on a trick play, now popularly known as the “Philly Special.” The Eagles won the Super Bowl LII championship with a score difference of 41-33.

As a result of his contribution to the game and his Philly Special, Foles became the Super Bowl MVP.

5. Super Bowl XXIII

For number 5, we are looking at the Super Bowl XXIII moment. The San Francisco 49ers faced the Cincinnati Bengals at the Joe Robbie Stadium, Florida.

The 49ers were making their third Super Bowl appearance, while it was the Bengals’ second appearance. The game became memorable for the 49ers’ 92-yard game-winning drive in the fourth quarter.

Super Bowl XXIII
Super Bowl XXIII (Source: Niners Nation)

With three minutes and ten seconds remaining in the game, the 49ers got the ball on their 8-yard line. In under three minutes, the team marched 92 yards down the field, and then they scored the winning touchdown with 34 seconds remaining in the clock.

The 49ers took home the Super Bowl trophy with a score of 20-16 against the Bengals.

4. Super Bowl XLIII

The Super Bowl XLIII moment is our fourth pick, which is memorable for Santonio Holmes’s last-second score. The championship match was between Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals.

The game took place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Steelers had a halftime lead in the match by 17-7 with the help of linebacker James Harrison.

However, the Cardinals made 16 consecutive points in the fourth quarter with two minutes and thirty-seven seconds remaining. Then came the Steelers’ Santonio Holmes, who helped to seal the team’s name as the champion.

Super Bowl XLIII
Super Bowl XLIII (Source: Behind The Steel Curtain)

With thirty-five seconds left, the Steelers ran 78 yards to score on Holmes’s 6-yard game-winning touchdown catch. Similarly, he also caught nine passes for 131 yards and one touchdown.

Holmes was named the Super Bowl MVP, and his last-minute save has become one of the top favorite Super Bowl moments for many.

3. Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI is best remembered for being the first overtime game of the Super Bowl. It was the first and, to date, the only Super Bowl game to be decided in overtime.

The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons faced off at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. The game is also remembered for featuring the largest comeback in the history of the Super Bowl.

The Patriots were making a record-setting ninth Super Bowl appearance, while it was Falcons’ second appearance. Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady were leading the Patriots.

Tom Brady at Super Bowl LI
Tom Brady At Super Bowl LI (Source: Sports Illustrated)

The Falcons led the game by a 28-3 score through the third quarter. But then, the Patriots tied the game in the final seconds with 25 unanswered scores. The game then went overtime for the first time in Super Bowl history.

The Patriots won the championship with a 34-28 score against Falcons, and the game is considered one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time.

2. Super Bowl XXXIV

Super Bowl XXXIV takes second place in our top 10 Super Bowl moments. The St. Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans squared off at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.

Both teams were seeking to win their first Super Bowl championship. The first half was a defensive game, and the Rams had taken the lead by 16-0 by halftime.

The Titans then tied the game near the end of the game time with 16 straight points. Then in the final play, with six seconds remaining in the game, the Titans reached the Rams’ 10-yard line.

Titans stopped one yard short
Titans Stopped One Yard Short (Source: Pinterest)

However, the Titans fell one yard short of the goal line when Rams’ linebacker Mike Jones tackled wide receiver, Kevin Dyson. The game has since been famously known as “One Yard Short” and “The Tackle.”

The Rams won the game with a 23-16 score, regarded as one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. The game is featured as “The Longest Yard” on NFL’s Greatest Games.

1. Super Bowl XLII

The number one spot on our list for the top 10 Super Bowl moments is the Super Bowl XLII moment. New York Giants and New England Patriots squared off at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Arizona.

Super Bowl XLII is regarded as one of the greatest Super Bowl games and the biggest upsets in the history of professional sports. However, it is also memorable for David Tyree’s helmet catch.

The moment involved New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and David Tyree with two minutes left in the game.

David Tyree’s Helmet Catch
David Tyree’s Helmet Catch (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Manning threw a forward pass as he escaped from three Patriots’ defenses. Tyree caught the throw by leaping and pressing the ball against the crown of his helmet.

The Giants took the Super Bowl XLII championship trophy after winning the game with a 17-14 score, and Eli Manning became the Super Bowl MVP. Similarly, the helmet catch has become one of the top Super Bowl moments.


These were the top ten Super Bowl moments on our watch. Which moments do you believe are the top ten? Please let us know your opinions. Thank you for your time!

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