Does David Villa Have Brother? Meet Sister Aide And Elsa Villa

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Soccer legend David Villa does not have a brother. However, he does have two sisters, Aide and Elsa Villa, and all of the Villa siblings are very close to each other.

Growing up as the youngest sibling of three, David grew up with a lot of love and affection from his elder sisters.

Both of his sisters are very close with the former soccer player and are well-settled in their lives.

During David’s professional soccer career, his sisters always supported him and frequently appeared in his games.

David Villa Kissing The Euros
David Villa Kissing The Euros (Source: Instagram)

David Villa Sanchez is a 42-year-old former soccer player from Spain who won every possible trophy in his lustrous career.

Growing up, he used to play with older kids and earned the nickname El Guaje, which means The Kid in Asturian.

Playing for his native club Sporting Gijon, he showed his brilliance and earned a spot in Real Zaragoza.

Later, Villa joined Valencia and won the Copa del Rey. Following this, he earned a move to Barcelona.

He was a focal point in Pep Guardiola‘s UCL-winning squad; he scored in the final against Manchester United.

Moreover, David led the Spanish team to their first World Cup win in 2010 and won the Golden Boot.

The ambidextrous striker retired in 2019 after playing for multiple other clubs. He also played in USA, India, and Japan.

David Villa Siblings: He Doesn’t Have A Brother

The Spanish legend is a brother to two sisters. Both sisters have relatively private lives and not much is revealed about them.

David’s two sisters are Aide Villa and Elsa Villa; they are well-settled and live happily with their respective families.

David Villa's Sisters Aida And Elsa Villa With Spanish Singer Dani Martin
David Villa’s Sisters Aida And Elsa Villa With Spanish Singer Dani Martin (Source: Instagram)

Aide Villa Sanchez is the oldest daughter of the Villa household and celebrates her birthday on October 27.

Her Instagram is private, but she has promoted Podoactiva on her bio, a biotechnology company which is also endorsed by soccer players like Marcelo and Nacho.

Similarly, David’s other sister Elsa Silva, 46, frequently posts her brother’s photos on her Instagram, where she also promotes his organisation.

DV7 Post-Retirement

After his retirement, El Guaje found a way to stay connected with what he loves the most, i.e., soccer.

He is the owner of DV7 Group, which has DV7 Soccer and DV7 Management under its wings.

DV7 Soccer
DV7 Soccer (Source: Instagram)

The mission of DV7 Academy is to spread the influence and teach kids around the world a distinctive method of soccer.

Similarly, DV7 management is in charge of career management, consultancy, sponsors, and marketing of young players.

Moreover, his organizations spread a wave of positivism in regard to a positive influence in soccer for the younger generation.


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