Does Jimbo Fisher Have A Daughter? Son Ethan, Trey & Keller

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Jimbo Fisher, the devoted father of three sons, Ethan, Trey, and Keller Fisher, serves as the head coach of the Texas A&M Aggies.

The American football coach has two sons, Ethan Fisher and Trey Fisher, with his first wife.

In 2020, Fisher married his current wife, Courtney, and they have a son, Keller Fisher.

Jimbo Fisher For Samford University Athletics
Jimbo Fisher For Samford University Athletics (Source: Players Wiki)

Born on October 9, 1965, John James Jimbo Fisher Jr., a.k.a Jimbo Fisher, is a former American football player turned head football team coach.

Fisher, who was born in Clarksburg, West Virginia, attended Liberty High School and later joined Salem University.

Jim initially started playing under coach Terry Bowden at Clemson University but later transferred to Salem University to follow his beloved coach.

While under Bowden’s coaching at Salem, he achieved the title of Division III National Player of the Year and still maintains various institution records.

Later, Fisher began his coaching career at several universities, including Auburn, Alabama, and Florida State University.

He then joined Texas A&M University with a 10-year coaching contract on December 1, 2017, after departing from Florida State.

Does Jimbo Fisher Have A Daughter?

Son Ethan, Trey & Keller

The former football player has no daughter with either of his wives.

Instead, he is a happy father to three of his sons, two of them from his first wife and one from his second.

Jim’s eldest son Trey attended the University of Tennessee at Martin and played quarterback for the football team.

His younger son Ethan is a huge fan of sports such as Lacrosse, football, baseball, and basketball.

Ethan says he wants to enjoy sports as well as his life.

Jimbo’s Wife: The Fisher Family Matriarch

Jimbo was previously married to Candi Fisher, and the former couple first met at Samford University.

The former couple began dating during that time and tied the knot in 1989. Their marriage ended after 22 years due to Candi’s infidelity.

Jimbo With Current Wife Courtney
Jimbo With Current Wife Courtney (Source: Twitter/X)

Although the divorce was difficult for the youngest, Ethan, both sons eventually overcame the incident and began living with their father.

Later, Jimbo met Courtney Harrison during his coaching days at FSU.

They developed mutual affection and began dating, eventually marrying in 2020.

Unlike his previous wife, Courtney has kept her private life updates out of the limelight.

Does Jimbo Fisher Have A Daughter? | Ethan Fisher’s Battle Against Illness

In 2011, doctors diagnosed Fisher’s youngest son Ethan with Fanconi anemia, a rare genetic disease, at six.

It is a rare blood disease that prevents bone marrow from making enough new blood cells for the body to work normally.

Jimbo and Candi then co-founded the Kidz 1st Fund, raising over $5 million for research and increasing awareness about the disorder.

Their foundation is now the primary research investor and has discovered a cure for the disease.

Father Jim expressed immense happiness for contributing to the research, leading to the discovery of gene transplantation as the cure.

Reports indicate that they performed the transplant procedure on Ethan Fisher in June of this year.

The Eldest and Youngest Fishers

Trey Fisher, like his father, is a football player for the Florida A&M Rattlers football.

When asked about his game and what he aspires to, Trey said, “I am no one, I am just Trey Fisher. I aspire to be like my father.”

In contrast to the two Fisher brothers, the family has not shared information about the youngest, Kelley Fisher, with the public.

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