Does Jordan Whitehead Have Brother? Parents & Family

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The fans are interested in knowing if Jordan Whitehead has a brother. Yes, Whitehead has a sister and a brother.

Jordan Whitehead was born on March 18, 1997, to mother Antonia Sims Whitehead and father Gregory Whitehead. Whitehead grew up with two siblings: one brother and one sister.

Jordan Whitehead With His Family
Jordan Whitehead With His Family (Source: Facebook)

Jordan Tyler Whitehead is a football safety from America for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

Tyler was selected 117th overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. In 2018, Whitehead was the tenth safety that was drafted.

Moreover, the safety played football at Pittsburg. He became the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association’s Rookie of the Year and Defensive Rookie of the Year during college.

Jordan was named to USA Today’s All-American Team, the ACC’s Defensive Rookie of the Year, and the ACC’s All-Conference Third-Team.

At the start of the season with the Buccaneers, the player made his professional debut with a 48-40 victory against the Saints.

Who Is Jordan Whitehead Brother?

Jordan Whitehead was raised with a brother and a sister. However, the players have not mentioned their names in any of the interviews.

Despite being the sibling of safety, they do not want to be highlighted. So, most of the identity of Jordan’s brother is private.

In most of the interviews, Whitehead has mentioned his brother and their bonding but has not mentioned his name or what he does.

The Former Football Player Darrell Revis
The Former Football Player Darrell Revis (Source: Twitter)

However, most people confuse Darrelle Revis with his brother. Revis is the cousin of safety.

Darelle Revis is a former American football cornerback who played in the NFL for 11 seasons.

Furthermore, Darelle’s moniker, “Revis Island,” endures as a testament to his exceptional skills and remarkable ability to shut down even the most formidable receivers on the opposing team.

Additionally, the safety has always looked up to his cousin’s brother. When Whitehead was 10, he went to Darrelle’s draft party.

He keeps it kind of like a big brother: This is what’s going to happen; this is what you’ve got to do; go to work. Short and sweet,” Whitehead said.

Jordan Whitehead Parents

Jordan Whitehead was born to Antonia and Greg Whitehead, who hails from Beaver County.

Additionally, the player posts about his mother more often, and according to the posts, the family spends their time going on various vacations together.

Greg and Antonia have supported the player since childhood. Moreover, the player gives his parents most of the credit for his success.

Jordan's Parents Greg And Antonia Whitehead
Jordan’s Parents Greg And Antonia Whitehead (Source: Facebook)

When Jordan played for the Buccaneers, he took his parents to a game against the Chiefs.

Greg expressed his excitement, admitting that he had never imagined seeing Whitehead play at this level.

On the other hand, Antonia shared her nerves, revealing that game day was her time for peace and quiet.

She said, “I’m nervous all day long. Just leave me alone and let me have my peace and quiet. It’s game time for me.”

Additionally, Jordan’s parents were immensely proud of their son’s accomplishments.

Furthermore, Mark Lyons, the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, once commented that Whitehead’s dedication and discipline in his daily life were instilled by his parents, Gregory and Antonia.


Does Jordan Whitehead Have Brother?

Yes, Whitehead has a sister and a brother.

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