Does Killian Hayes Have A Brother Or Sister? Parents & Family Tree

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Killian Hayes has no brother or sister and is not connected to another NBA player, Jaxson Hayes. The Pistons player comes from an athletic bloodline, with his father being a former professional basketball player. 

Born in the US and raised in France, Killian went on to play for the LNB Pro-A side Cholet. Cholet is the same team his father, DeRon Hayes, once played for in his younger years. 

The Pistons Drafted Killian In The First Round In The 2020 NBA Draft
The Pistons Drafted Killian In The First Round In The 2020 NBA Draft (Source: Facebook)

After spending two seasons with Cholet, Killian joined the German team Ratiopharm Ulm, and with Ulm, Killian showed the NBA teams he was ready for action on a bigger stage. 

The Piston drafted Killian in the first round, and since then, he has played 202 games for them, averaging 8.3 points and 5.2 assists. With his rookie year contract ending this season, Killian recently said he hopes to stay in Detroit. 

Does Killian Hayes Have A Brother Or Sister?

Killian Hayes has no brother or sister. The Piston player is the only child of his parents, Sandrine and DeRon Hayes. 

When Killian was new to the league, many fans thought he could have some relation to the Lakers player Jaxson Hayes. But the two NBA stars share no family connection whatsoever. 

The former Pelicans player, Jaxon Hayes, is the son of Kristi and Jonathan Hayes. And if there is any connection between Killian and Jaxson, then it is that both their fathers are former athletes. 

Jaxson’s dad, Jonathan Hayes, played in the NFL for 11 seasons. He spent the first nine seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs and retired with the Steelers in 1996. 

After retiring, Jonathan Hayes pursued a coaching career, and for 15 years, he was the tight ends coach at the Cincinnati Bengals. Currently, Jonathan is the co-offensive coordinator at the UFL team Arlington Renegades. 

Killian And Jaxon, The Two NBA Players Have No Blood Connection
Killian And Jaxon, The Two NBA Players Have No Blood Connection (Source: Instagram)

Jaxson’s mother, Kristi, is also a former collegiate athlete, having played basketball for Drake University. Kristi was no ordinary during her heyday. She was a star player for Jefferson-Scranton High School, scoring 3,406 career points and averaging 50 points in her senior year.

In 1995, Kristi was named the MVC Player of the Year and scored 1,500 points during her stay at Drake. Jaxon’s mother is also an ovarian cancer survivor, having suffered from the disease when she was only 22.

Unlike, Killian, Jaxson does have siblings. The Lakers power forward has three younger siblings-Jillian, Jewett, and Jonah. His sister, Jillian, is currently part of the women’s basketball team at the University of Cincinnati.

Killian Hayes Parents: Son Of Former Basketball Player

Killian Hayes dad couldn’t make it to the NBA like him, but was a vital player on the Penn State team during the 90s. DeRon Hayes played four years at Penn State from 1989 to 1992.

The forward played 122 games for Penn State and averaged 12.9 points, 1.7 assists, and 5.0 rebounds. DeRon went undrafted in 1993 and chose to pack up his bags and head to Europe.

In his first European season, DeRon played in Portugal for Academico de Portugal. He then moved to Sweden in 1994 and signed for Solna Vikings.

DeRon moved to Ukraine two seasons later, but it was a short stay as he traveled to Russia in January 1997. In 1998, DeRon signed for the French team Cholet Basket, and two seasons later, he was drafted by the ABA by the Indiana Legends. 

Killian Pictured With His Dad, DeRon, And Mom, Sandrine Hayes
Killian Pictured With His Dad, DeRon, And Mom, Sandrine Hayes (Source: Facebook)

He moved back to France in the 2001 season, signing with Bourg en Bresse, and returned to Cholet in 2002. DeRon ended his basketball career with the French team Sluc Nancy. 

It was in France in 1998 that DeRon met his wife and Killian’s mother, Sandrine. Sandrine was the sister of his teammate’s girlfriend. The two had Killian in Florida in 2001 when DeRon played in the ABA.

After one season, the family moved to France, where Killian spent his childhood. Sandrine is available on Facebook and has shared several family photos.

In an interview, Killian said basketball bridged his two worlds. He would spend the school year in France, and he would spend his summers in Florida, picking up American moves on courts in Lakeland and Orlando.

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