Does Kyle Busch Have A Sister? Meet His Brother Kurt Busch- Family Tree

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Kyle Busch has no sister but grew up with an older brother in Nevada. Busch comes from a family with a motor racing history.

For the Busch brothers, it has always been two brothers competing against each other at home and on race tracks. 

Kyle Busch Gives A Thumbs Up To The Fans During A Racing Event In 2021
Kyle Busch Gives A Thumbs Up To The Fans During A Racing Event In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

For Kyle Busch, racing has been in his DNA since day one. The 37-year-old has a long list of achievements to his name and has won several accolades since joining racing at age 13 in 1999. 

The son of Tom and Gaye Busch, Kyle has been able to live his NASCAR dreams alongside his brother, Kurt. Currently fifth in Cup Series, Kyle won his first superspeedway win in 15 years at Talladega on April 24, 2023. 

Kyle was going toe to toe with Bubba Wallace for the entirety of the race before the latter crashed and caused a five-car wreck.

Does Kyle Busch Have A Sister?

The American stock car racing driver, Kyle Busch, has no sisters. It is a fact confirmed by his father, Tom Busch.

Speaking to USA Today in 2015, Tom Busch said raising two sons was a handful. The former short-track racer said he didn’t plan a third child with his wife as his two sons almost killed him.

Tom Busch was able to live the dream of racing on big stages through his two sons. He would take his two sons to race around the short race tracks around Las Vegas.

Kyle And Kurt Smile Gleefully In A Picture Shared By Kurt In 2022
Kyle And Kurt Smile Gleefully In A Picture Shared By Kurt In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The two brothers would have their respective cars. Kyle would take up his father’s old car, and Kurt had his own. The two brothers in the past have credited their father for helping them become better racers.

The NASCAR driver has admitted most of his father’s instructions given to him and his brothers as a kid to date remain true. 

Kyle Busch Brother Kurt Busch Stepped Away From Racing In 2022

Kyle Busch’s older brother, Kurt Busch, for 28 years remained a household name in NASCAR. 

But in October 2022, Kurt decided to hit the brakes on his racing career. The racer said his long-term health was his priority and, in the end, gave a heartfelt thank you to his fans. 

The 2004 NASCAR Series Champion, Kurt Busch, always expected himself to take up the consultant role after his retirement. 

Kurt Busch Pictured At Sonoma Runway In 2022
Kurt Busch Pictured At Sonoma Runway In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

But the 44-year-old was taken aback by the fact that it came early in his career. On his Instagram, Kurt Busch can be seen sharing photos from the racing sidelines and of his reporting duties with FOX Sports.

As much as he had a decorated career in racing, Kurt Busch’s life away from race tracks has been tumultuous. 

The former NASCAR driver was previously married to his longtime girlfriend, Eva Bryan. But the two went separate ways in 2011 after Busch kissed another woman. 

In 2022, Kurt ended his five-year-long marriage with former Polo player Ashley Van Metre. They met one another in 2014 after Ashely’s sister introduced her to the NASCAR driver. 

In their divorce settlement, Ashley stated that she was leaving Kurt because of his tortious act. She also claimed that the NASCAR driver had cut off their joint banking account and other forms of financial support. 

Kyle Busch Family Life With Wife Samantha Busch 

Kyle Busch tied the knot with his wife, Samantha Busch, in 2010.

The racing couple shares two kids welcoming their latest addition, a baby girl named, Lennix, in 2022. The couple experienced parenthood for the first time in 2015 after they welcomed their son Brexton Locke Busch. 

A multi-faceted woman, Samantha Busch has dabbled in every field possible. A graduate of Purdue University, Samantha earned her degree in psychology. 

Kyle Busch Pictured With Wife Samantha And Kids Brexton And Lennix At Bristol Motor Speedway
Kyle Busch Pictured With Wife Samantha And Kids Brexton And Lennix At Bristol Motor Speedway (Source: Instagram)

On Instagram, Samantha boasts a following of 229k and is an IVF advocate. Her IVF journey stems from the fact that she could not bear a child for a long time and underwent IVF treatment to give birth to her son, Brexton. 

In 2021, Samantha published a book titled, “Fighting Infertility” talking about the hardships and lifting the silence surrounding it. Her son, Brexton, and husband, Kyle, are featured on the cover. 

After Kyle’s victory at Talladega, Samantha shared a video of their entire day till the winning moment on her Instagram handle. The perfect family of four was all smiles as the legendary NASCAR driver added another trophy to his cabinet.  

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