Does Martavis Bryant Have A Brother? Family And Parents

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As Martavis Bryant refers to himself as a family man, people are curious about his brother and family.

The wide receiver’s numerous interactions where he refers to others as “brother” have stirred confusion about whether he actually has a brother.

While he lacks a blood-related sibling, he does have a cousin he considers a brother and a fellow player whom he regards as a brother.

Martavis Bryant The Wide Receiver
Martavis Bryant The Wide Receiver (Source: 247Sports)

Martavis Alexander Bryant was born on December 20, 1991, in Calhoun Falls, South Carolina.

He switched to T. L. Hanna High School in South Carolina from Calhoun Falls High School due to the latter’s low enrollment.

Bryant excelled in football at both schools, earning a first-team all-state selection during his senior year.

In 2011, Martavis enrolled at Clemson University, but in 2014, he announced he would skip a senior year to enter the 2014 Draft.

Following his selection by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the draft, Martavis played for various teams, such as the Oakland Raiders and Massachusetts Pirates.

In 2023, the Dallas Cowboys brought Bryant in for a workout and promptly signed him to their practice squad the following day.

Martavis Bryant Brother: Family And Parents

Martavis was brought up by his single mother, Roberta Bryant.

He expresses profound gratitude towards his mother for raising him despite facing numerous hardships.

Roberta has only one son, Bryant, but Martavis does have a cousin named Kelly Bryant, who is like a brother to him.

Kelly plays as a football quarterback for the Arlington Renegades in the XFL.

Apart from Kelly, Martavis has a brother-like best friend, Ben Roethlisberger, who, according to Bryant, cares for him like a younger brother.

Martavis Current Girlfriend And Youngest Child Giana
Martavis’s Current Girlfriend And Youngest Child, Giana (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he has four kids: Brooke Bryant, London Bryant, Kalle King, Alexander Bryant, and Giani.

All of his kids have different mothers, totaling three in number.

The oldest, Brooke, is Janessa Symone’s child, while London (or Alisia) is from Jasmin Keesley.

Kalle and Giani are the kids from his current girlfriend, Deja Hiott.

Despite having children with different mothers, Bryant has shown his love and dedication to being a father to all of them.

Martavis and Controversy

Martavis has frequently found himself embroiled in drug-related controversies.

He faced suspension from the game due to his apparent use of marijuana.

Bryant has incurred multiple suspensions of more than five games for marijuana use and failed to attend required testing. 

This situation caused significant turmoil as he attempted to evade responsibility.

Nevertheless, his mother stepped forward, urging him to prioritize God and family.

Following his mother’s advice, Bryant engaged in a face-to-face conversation with an NBA guard who had also battled addiction issues.


Martavis Bryant's Mother Roberta
Martavis Bryant’s Mother, Roberta (Source: Instagram)

Subsequently, Bryant stated that he had gained valuable lessons from his past mistakes and was determined to move forward.

In that period, Jasmin accused Bryant of evading child support by frequently changing his address. 

She expressed that she had pleaded for years for assistance, but he declined and was avoiding paying the $80,000 he owed.

While many supported Jasmin, some argued that locating Bryant would be easy due to his public profile and wouldn’t take long.

Furthermore, the case lost momentum and faded away after a brief period.

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