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Ben Roethlisberger is a former American football quarterback who played with the Pittsburgh Steelers for 18 NFL seasons. 

The quarterback has an estimated net worth of approximately $100 million as of March 2024. He earned nearly $267 million since his 2004 draft to the Steelers.

As a result, Ben is ranked 91 on the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid athletes. 

Before joining the NFL, he played college football at Miami University.

Ben Roethlisberger In His Former Jersey
Ben Roethlisberger In His Former Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Thanks to his glorious records on the field with his two times Super Bowl championships, Ben has stood above and beyond the typical American football player. 

On January 27, 2022, he officially retired but is still active in the sport as a fan. Recently, after the Super Bowl 2023, he criticized the controversial penalty call that played a decisive role in the result. 

Let’s get in-depth information about his net worth and how his fantastic career boosted his earnings in recent years. 

Quick Facts

Celebrated Name Ben Roethlisberger
Real Name/Full Name Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger Sr.
Gender Male 
Birth Date March 2, 1982
Age 42 years old
Birth Place Lima, Ohio, United States
Nationality American
Profession Former Professional American Football Player
Height 6 feet 5 inches/1.96 m/ 196 cm
Weight 109 kg/240 lbs
Father’s Name Kenneth Todd Roethlisberger
Mother’s Name  Ida Jane Foust
Siblings Carlee Roethlisberger, Bob Roethlisberger
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife Name  Ashley Harlan (M. 2011)
Children Yes (Baylee Marie Roethlisberger, Bodie Roethlisberger, Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger)
Net Worth $100 Million
Social Media TwitterFacebook, Website
Merch  Signed Ball, Signed Helmet 
Last Update March 2024

Contract, Salary & Net Worth 

Ben Roethlisberger‘s net worth is unquestionably significant for a man who is also known as “Big Ben.”

The NFL quarterback has a staggering net worth of $100 million as of March 2024. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Ben with the 11th overall selection in the 2004 NFL Draft. On August 3, 2004, he made a 6-year $22.26 million contract with Pittsburgh, with a $600K signing bonus and a $3.7 million average salary. 

After that, in 2008, he signed a 6-year $87.9 million extension deal and 4 years $87.4 million extension deal in 2015.

Ben Roethlisberger net worth
Ben Roethlisberger Has An Estimated Net Worth Of $100 Million (Source: Twitter)

With the end of the contract, in 2019, he signed a new $68 million extension with the Steelers, which included a $37 million signing bonus.

Roethlisberger converted $19.5 million of his 2020 salary & bonus to a signing bonus, allowing the Steelers to clear $9.5 million in cap space.

Hence, his two-year contract extension with the Steelers became the athlete’s highest-ever contract, rendering him the second-highest-paid NFL star in 2019.

It was a two-year deal that ended in 2021, and he re-signed with the team for one year for $14 million and concluded his career. 


In addition to his accomplishments on the field, Roethlisberger is well-known for the various brands he endorses, including Nike, Sprint, Panini, Fanatics, and Upper Deck. 

Ben’s annual earnings range from $1 to $3 million due to the sales of all the products he endorses. He was also the face of Big Ben’s Beef Jerky, a famous American snack sponsored by PLB Sports.

Big Ben Beef Jerky

However, Ben lost the contract, and PLB Sports pulled the commodity soon after due to the legal spotlight on him during several sexual harassment charges in 2010.

Roethlisberger also serves as the spokeswoman for Swiss Roots, a movement aimed at helping Americans of Swiss descent reconcile with their Swiss ancestors.


Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger has put almost $11 million into NeoLight, a medical technology corporation that creates phototherapy beds to treat jaundice in preterm and full-term infants.

The player had already put money into Big Ben’s Beef Jerky but lost money after being accused of sexual harassment in 2010.

Other Ventures

Roethlisberger has his barbeque sauce line, “Big Ben’s BBQ,” in addition to other business investments.

The quarterback also works in real estate. He advertised his seven-bedroom home near Gibsonia for $2.7 million. But he was obliged to settle for $2.3 million due to a lack of interest.

Soon after signing a six-year deal with the Steelers in 2004, Roethlisberger purchased his first home, which cost $475,000.

Likewise, he eventually sold the 2,423-square-foot house for a pittance of $360,500, owing to his bad luck in the real estate industry.

In 2011, Ben purchased a lake house for $2.2 million on the coast of Lake Oconee in Atlanta. 

House & Cars


Since being drafted in 2004, Ben Roethlisberger has traveled many times. He did, however, lose money on both houses when he sold them.

Ben currently lives in a $2 million luxury mansion that he built himself. In 2015, he spent $2 million to purchase a 2-acre plot of land in Sewickley Heights, Pennsylvania, building a custom mansion in 2018.

It spans 22,464 square feet (excluding outdoor space) and features an outdoor pool and spa.

Similarly, the two-story colonial-style mansion in Sewickley Heights is home to professional athletes such as Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux.


Roethlisberger is said to own a series of high-end automobiles worth about $4 million.

A Mini Cooper Convertible, Ferrari 488 GTB, Hummer – his first motorcycle – and an Alfa Romeo Disco Volante are among his vehicles.

Roethlisberger: Pittsburgh’s Own Big Ben

Ben Roethlisberger, the Steeler’s former quarterback, quickly established himself as one of the league’s most clutch and phenomenal quarterbacks.

He engineered an offense that took the Steelers to the top of the AFC North.

Roethlisberger held the Steelers in their division by winning tight games thanks to his remarkable consistency and ability to remain calm under pressure.

Moreover, Big Ben set NFL records for the most wins by a rookie quarterback.

Roethlisberger has said, “I want to influence the outcome of the game.”

In 2004, he released his book “Roethlisberger: Pittsburgh’s Own Big Ben” from Sports Publishing, honoring his impressive Rookie season.

It also recaps his NFL debut in vivid detail with full-color illustrations and Associated Press reports. Any Steelers or Ben Roethlisberger fan should have this!

Charity Work

Big Ben is a man with a great spirit as he donates a lot to his charity.

He founded the “Roethlisberger Foundation,” which raises funds for police dogs, fire stations and improves living conditions in Ohio, Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania.

Ben With His Family
Ben With His Family (Source: Twitter)

Nearly $100,000 has been contributed to K-9 organizations around the country by the foundation.

Likewise, Ben also contributed a game income to tsunami relief in 2005.

Roethlisberger and his partner, Ashley Harlan, donated $1 million to create an indoor sports complex at Miami University, where he graduated.


Benjamin Roethlisberger is an Ohio-born former quarterback who played college football at Miami University. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected him as the 11th overall selection in the 2004 draft. The athlete was inspired by former Broncos quarterback John Elway and wore the number 7 as a nod to his hero.

Ben went on to become the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl in NFL history at the age of 23.

Moreover, he led the Steelers to two Super Bowl victories, the first over the NFC Seattle Seahawks in 2005 and the second against the NFC Arizona Cardinals in 2008.

Aside from two Super Bowl victories, Benjamin was named to six Pro Bowls. The athlete hunged his boots in 2022, retiring from his professional career. 

Ben Roethlisberger’s Quotes

  • “I try to live my life as my father lives his. He always takes care of everyone else first. He won’t even start eating until he’s sure everyone else in the family has started eating. Another thing: My dad never judges me by whether I win or lose.”
  • “I take my life and put it on the football field, and I take the football field and put it in my life.”
  • “Leadership is something you earn, something you’re chosen for. You can’t come in yelling, ‘I’m your leader!’ If it happens, it’s because the other guys respect you.”

Three Interesting Facts

  1. Ashley Harlan is Roethlisberger’s wife, a New Castle, Pennsylvania-based assistant doctor. Their wedding took place on July 23, 2011, in New York City. On June 9, 2012, the couple welcomed their first child, a son. Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger Jr. was born on November 21 of the same year. Baylee Marie Roethlisberger and Bodie Roethlisberger are the couple’s other two children.
  2. He is the owner of Big Ben’s BBQ, a barbecue sauce business. All the profit from Big Ben’s BBQ directly goes to his charity. He is also identified as Swiss Origins, a campaign spokesman. It aims to aid Americans of Swiss descent in communicating with their ancestors.
  3. In 2004, Ben was named the MAC Offensive Player of the Year. The same year, he was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Roethlisberger was also the NFL’s co-leader in passing yards in 2014.

Social Media Presence 

Ben is active on social media, where he posts pictures of family and games, and isn’t hesitant to share his thoughts. 

He frequently tweets and posts on Facebook to reach his fans and followers. However, he isn’t active on Instagram, as we couldn’t find any of his verified accounts.

Twitter: 397.2K Followers

Facebook: 495K Followers

Popularity Graph 

Big Ben is a famous sports personality who has millions of fans. These followers have searched for his information on the internet many times. 

Ben Roethlisberger Search Graph 2023
Ben Roethlisberger Search Graph 2023 (Source: Google Trend)

The above graph illustrates the 12-month search interest of the former quarterback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How many Super Bowls did Ben Roethlisberger win?

Ben won two Super Bowls throughout his career timeline, namely Super Bowl XL and XLIII.

Has Roethlisberger retired?

Yes, the NFL star officially announced his retirement on January 27, 2022.

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