Does Miles Robinson Have A Brother? Sister Becca And Family

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While the soccer player, Miles Robinson, is fortunate to have a beloved sister named Rebecca, it remains uncertain whether he has a brother.

Miles doesn’t have any brother, as per the sources, and the speculations surfaced about Antonee Robinson being his brother.

The Famous Soccer Player, Miles Robinson
The Famous Soccer Player, Miles Robinson (Source: Fox Sports)

Although the doubts are cleared as Antonee Robinson is not the biological brother of Miles, they do have the same surname and career background.

Miles Robinson’s outstanding performances secured him a spot on the final 23-player roster for the upcoming 2023 Concacaf Gold Cup.

This opportunity affirmed his talent and commitment to the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Miles Robinson Sister: Family

Miles Robinson’s biological sister is Rebecca, who has always been alongside her younger brother.

Rebecca and famous soccer player brother Miles have an age gap of three years. They went to the same Syracuse University.

The siblings share their Alma mater with the famous NBA Star Carmelo Anthony, an alumnus of the prestigious Syracuse University.

During her collegiate career, Rebecca was also inclined towards sports and was a sprinter in Track and Field with a record in the indoor 400-meter dash.

After graduating with a Developmental and Educational psychology degree, Rebecca did her Master’s program at Teachers College of Columbia University. 

At present, Rebecca is a human development specialist and works as a social media manager at PBS Kids, a Media Production.

The siblings shared athletic competitiveness and a passion for sports, which made their bond strong and helped them know each other’s career perspectives.

Marriage Ceremony Of Rebecca
Marriage Ceremony Of Rebecca (Source: Instagram)

With resources from her degree, she even published a Children’s book, “It’s Brave to Cry,” on December 6, 2020.

Her book speculates how parents, guardians, physicians, and educators can best support children in identifying and labeling their emotions.

According to her Instagram profile, Rebecca married Adrian on 18 September 2021 after a relationship of many years. 

On 14 May 2022, Rebecca welcomed her son Mason Gordon Flemming, expanding her family to three.

We can often spot Mason during his maternal uncle’s soccer games, cheering and supporting him.

Miles Robinson Parents: Jeff Robinson & Jane Madden

Miles was born to his parents, Jeff Robinson & Jane Madden, in Arlington, Massachusetts, United States.

His parents belong to different ethnic groups as Jane is a cis white woman while Jeff is an African American man.

Family Of Miles Robinson With His Sister Rebecca, Parents & Grandmother
Family Of Miles Robinson With His Sister Rebecca, Parents & Grandmother (Source: Instagram)

Jeff is a versatile man and pursues multiple professions; musician, saxophonist, and actor, including his seasonal web developer and consultant side hustle.

He studied web design at Boston University before social media was a relevant wave.

Furthermore, Jane works as an environmental engineer; the love of track and field united them and helped them connect.

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