​​Does Molly McCann Have Husband Or Boyfriend?

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Molly McCann, previously known for keeping her dating life private, has left fans curious about her relationship status, pondering whether she has a husband or a boyfriend.

As of now, she is happily engaged to her partner. She frequently shares heartwarming pictures with her loved one and doesn’t hesitate to showcase their bond on social media.

Despite facing challenges in coming out, Molly has embraced her identity and is now enjoying a fulfilled and joyful life.

Molly McCann, English MMA Fighter
Molly McCann, English MMA Fighter (Source: Instagram)

Molly McCann is an English MMA fighter who previously held the Cage Warriors Flyweight title. She currently competes in the UFC’s women’s flyweight division.

She graduated with a sports development and physical education degree from Liverpool John Moores University.

Later, in May 2018, McCann made her UFC debut but ended in a loss to Gillian Robertson.

However, she bounced back in March 2019 with a unanimous decision win over Priscila Cachoeira.

Moreover, she is scheduled to face Diana Belbiţă on February 3, 2024, at UFC Fight Night 235.

Does Molly McCann Have Husband? All About Molly’s Partner

McCann has been a private person regarding her dating life, making fans wonder who her husband or partner is.

Previously, she faced numerous challenges in openly discussing her sexual orientation and candidly shared her struggles with societal expectations.

Despite overcoming societal perceptions and her Catholic upbringing, Molly courageously came out as gay a few years ago.

In 2022, she made her relationship public through an Instagram announcement.

Molly McCann, English MMA Fighter
Molly McCann, English MMA Fighter (Source: Instagram)

Then, in January 2023, Molly started the new year by getting engaged to her beloved, Ellis Clark.

After getting engaged, McCann posted her fiance on her Instagram. Her post read,

“There’s knowing that if all fails and the ship sails our boat will still survive… Here’s to the rest of our days together… mo ghràdh.”

While Ellis keeps her life private, Molly frequently shares glimpses of their relationship on social media.

Molly McCann’s Early Life

McCann was born on May 4, 1990, in Liverpool to her parents, father Paul Pearson and mother, Sharon Pearson.

Moreover, Molly grew up with her two sisters in Norris Green neighborhood in Liverpool.

Growing up, Molly had a rather hard childhood as she faced early challenges with her family.

McCann’s father was not been present in her life since her childhood.

Furthermore, her mother also dealt with drug addiction, which is why she and her siblings were raised by her aunt.

Molly McCann Had A Hard Childhood
Molly McCann Had A Hard Childhood (Source: Instagram)

Despite the hardships, McCann’s determination stood out as she attended Avonbourne in Bournemouth during high school. She explored various sports, such as karate, kickboxing, and Thai boxing, before starting boxing around 12.

In addition to her athletic pursuits, Molly played football for five years before starting MMA training in 2013.

In her early days, she supported herself by working at Subway, which earned her the nickname “Meatball Molly.”

Moving on, beyond the spotlight of the UFC arena, McCann’s resilience in overcoming personal challenges adds depth to her inspiring story.

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