Does Tank Dell Have Brother? Meet Sister Kyra Dell

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With Tank Dell’s evergrowing fame, there is much curiosity among the fans about Tank Dell brother and his family. He is also rumored to be the brother of sister Kyra Dell. 

Dell prefers to live a private life, and as such, there is not much information available about his family or siblings. 

There have been reports stating that Dell is not the only child of his parents. However, there are no details available about the athlete’s family. 

Houston Texan Wide Receiver Tank Dell
Houston Texan Wide Receiver Tank Dell (Source: Chron)

Nathaniel “Tank” Dell is an American footballer who plays as the wide receiver for the Houston Texans in the National Football League (NHL).

Born on October 29, 1999, in Daytona Beach, Florida, Dell started his career playing college football at Alabama A&M and Independence Community College. 

Following his transfer to Independence Community College, he managed 52 receptions for 766 yards while getting eight touchdowns.

In 2020, the wide receiver transferred to the University of Houston. He led the team with 29 receptions for 428 yards and three touchdowns in just eight games. 

With impressive records at the collegiate level, the Houston Texans selected the wide receiver as the 69th pick in the third round of the 2023 NFL draft. 

Tank Dell Brother And Sister Kyra Dell

Following his NFL draft in 2023, Tank Dell has piqued every Texan fan’s interest. Recently, interest in Dell’s brother and sister has been widespread on the internet.

At the age of only 23, the Texan WR has made quite a name for himself, which makes the curiosity about the player all the more obvious. 

Dell lives a very private life and has chosen to keep most of his life private. His social media posts are filled with posts about football, his team members, or himself. 

Tank Dell With Team Mate C.J. Stroud
Tank Dell With Team Mate C.J. Stroud (Source: Instagram)

In a recent interview after a game, the Texan receiver mentioned his little brother. He joked about his brother wanting to meet the team’s QB, C.J. Stroud, post-match, which made him mad.

He further stated that his little brother is immensely proud of him. Moreover, Dell mentioned his brother searching for his brother’s name on YouTube every day. 

However, there haven’t been any mentions of his sister. Additionally, there are no official records of the Texan youngster having a sister. 

Unfortunately, this makes it hard to speculate if the Texan WR has any sisters or what kind of relationship he has with them.

Dell has spoken quite a lot about his brothers in the field, however. The 23-year-old often refers to his teammates as “brothers”. 

Brotherhood In The Field

If the young Texan keeps his personal life private, it’s his on-field life that is very public. 

In an interview with Paper City Magazine, the Texan referred to his teammates as “Brothers in Playmaking.” 

Tank Dell Playing For The Houston Texans
Tank Dell Playing For The Houston Texans (Source: Texan Daily)

One such brother whom the Texan WR is very fond of is Matthew Golden. Golden is in line to be the next star receiver, meanwhile, he plays for the Houston Cougars. 

The two Houston wide receivers reportedly text and talk every day as Dell suggests Golden is like a little brother to him. 

Further, Golden confirms that Dell has been like an elder brother to him, as he consults Dell in everything, hoping to get an edge like no other footballer.

Naturally, Dell has accepted the role of a teacher and a mentor to his younger brother, Golden.

Dell has constantly tried to help Golden, explaining what he needs to improve or things that he needs to work on.  

The young receiver seems to find family everywhere he goes. In a recent interview, Dell exclaimed how everyone in his new team is like a big family with a common goal, i.e., to win.  

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Tank Dell Brother?

Tank Dell brother name is not known. However, it is known that Tank Dell has a brother. 

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