Does William Gholston Have A Brother? Parents And Family

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William Gholston was raised as a single child with no brother or sister. The Tampa Bay player didn’t even want to live in his house with his parents at one point in his life.

Gholston considers it a wrong phase in his life, but even during that time, he found the right people in his football coaches. The NFL player lived in many houses, and there was a time when his life was compared to that of Michael Oher

William Looks In High Spirit After A Game In November 2022
William Looks In High Spirit After A Game In November 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Though he had a tough childhood and a rebellious teenage years, Gholston turned out to be a fine man and a fine athlete. Drafted by the Buccaneers in 2013, William is in his eleventh year with the franchise. 

Earlier this year, in July, Gholston signed a one-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with whom he won the Super Bowl LV title.

Gholston recorded three tackles and had the most productive game of the season against the Eagles in Week 3, but that wasn’t enough against Jalen Hurts’ team. Tampa recorded their first loss of the season, ending the game 11-25. 

Does William Gholston Have A Brother?

William Gholston doesn’t have a brother, in fact, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end is the only child of his parents. 

On his Instagram handle, the NFL player has previously shared photos with his dad and mom but hasn’t referred to anybody else as his siblings.

There is certainly a chance that his siblings wouldn’t want to come into the public limelight. But a player who has been in the NFL for a decade, there hasn’t been any record of William Gholston mentioning his siblings in any interviews. 

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, William grew up in a family that cherished the sport. He might not have had his own brother play the sport, but he had a cousin who made it to the NFL.  

Vernon Gholston Is Williams’ Cousin 

The former NFL player, Vernon Gholston, played for Ohio State from 2005-2007. He was a top prospect coming from Cass Technical High School and was redshirted by Ohio in 2005.

The defensive end, Vernon Gholston, had a miserable start to life at Ohio State. But in his sophomore year, Vernon came all guns blazing, recording 49 tackles and 8.5 sacks. 

That year, Vernon earned Second Team All-Big Ten honors despite his team losing against Florida Gators in the BCS National Championship Game. The next year was the same for Vernon.

Vernon Gholston Poses With The New York Jets Jersey Alongside Roger Goodell In 2008
Vernon Gholston Poses With The New York Jets Jersey Alongside Roger Goodell In 2008 (Source: Instagram)

He recorded 37 tackles and 14 sacks in his junior year and finished his career at Ohio State on a high. He earned Smith-Brown Defensive Lineman of the Year award and entered the NFL Draft. 

Drafted by the New York Jets as a first-round pick in 2008, Vernon couldn’t live up to his hype in the NFL. In his short-lived NFL career, Vernon failed to manage a single sack. 

He ended his NFL career in 2012, and in 2017, he became the Executive Vice President of Anew Wellness. He partnered with Jerome Mitchell, a native of New Jersey practicing law, to create the brand to help people dealing with mental health issues. 

Vernon isn’t active on social media sites, and there hasn’t been any news about him since 2017. The former Ohio star has also chosen not to feature on his cousins’ Instagram page, and we haven’t much about him through William. 

William Gholston Parents, Deacon William T. Gholston, And Dawn Ward

William Gholston’s parents, Deacon William T. Gholston and Dawn Ward didn’t have the best relationship with their son while he was growing up.

The defensive end admitted it during his interview with the Tampa Bay Times. At 14, William separated from his parents and started living with his relatives and coaches. 

But fortunately, he didn’t head down the wrong road and later reconnected with his parents. Despite the separation from his parents and all the trouble he went through in his early life, William was still close to his dad.

William Gholston Pictured With His Dad, William Sr On Left, And On Right With His Mother
William Gholston Pictured With His Dad, William Sr On Left, And On The Right With His Mother (Source: Instagram)

Deacon lost his battle with liver cancer in 2016, and every year, the defensive end is seen sharing a sweet post for his pops on his birthday. His mother, Dawn Ward, is a breast cancer survivor.

And in 2021, in honor of his parents, the NFL player donated $225,000 to the Moffitt Cancer Center. In an interview, Dawn said she knew about the donation but didn’t know her son was donating in honor of her and her late husband.

While talking to the press, William hoped his father would be proud of him and his actions. In his interview with The Athletic, William said his dad didn’t believe in medicine and research. But the football player considered more research will help more people, especially minorities.

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