Domingo German Wife Mara Vega And Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

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Domingo German, a pitcher for the New York Yankees, was suspended for 81 games in 2020 due to allegations of domestic abuse to his wife, Mara Vega.

Previously in September 2019, German became physically abusive toward his wife during a conflict at a charity event.

Witnesses stated that German, who was reportedly intoxicated at the time, slapped his wife in an event. As a result, German was suspended for several games.

Domingo German, A Professional Baseball Pitcher
Domingo German, A Professional Baseball Pitcher (Source: Instagram)

Domingo German Polanco is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher who currently plays for the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball (MLB).

German began his baseball career when he was signed as an international free agent by the Florida Marlins in 2009.

But his MLB debut came in 2017 with the Yankees in a game against the Baltimore Orioles.

A significant milestone in German’s career occurred on June 28, 2023, when he pitched a perfect game, becoming the first player from the Dominican Republic to achieve this feat and only the 24th in MLB history.

Domingo German Wife

Mara Vega, the wife of Domingo German, hails from the Dominican Republic and is the proud owner of MZ Beauty Spa.

While Mara Vega holds a Bachelor’s in tourism management, she decided to pursue her professional career in the beauty industry.

Domingo German's Wife
Domingo German’s Wife (Source: Instagram)

Before her college experience at the University of Florida, Mara Vega pursued her education at Akerley Campus in Canada.

Mara shares family photos on her Instagram account that portrays special moments with her loved ones.

She frequently attends her husband’s games with their children, supporting Domingo’s career.

Additionally, Mara loves to travel and often shares photos of her adventures in various destinations.

Mara Victim Of Domestic Violence

In September 2019, Domingo German attended a charity event hosted by his former teammate CC Sabathia with his girlfriend, who is now his wife, Mara.

During the event, Domingo slapped his girlfriend under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, he showed physical aggression towards his girlfriend.

The incident eventually got the attention of MLB through another member of the Yankees team, who had been informed about the argument by Domingo’s girlfriend.

After investigation and subsequent findings, German received a suspension of 81 games.

Domingo German Publicly Apologizing After The Incident
Domingo German Publicly Apologizing After The Incident (Source: MLB)

After the incident, Domingo publicly apologized to his wife and MLB for his impulsive behavior.

A few months following the event, Mara posted a picture with Domingo on social media with the caption, “no one hits harder than life, but no matter, you keep moving forward, Never stop.”

Even after the unfortunate incident, the MLB couple chose to remain together.

Domingo German And Mara Vega Relationship

The MLB couple have been in a relationship for more than a decade. However, there is no any information on when they actually started dating.

They already had their daughter Chrisgelyann German by the time Domingo and Mara got engagement on April 02, 2018.

Domingo German And Mara Vega On Their Wedding Day
Domingo German And Mara Vega On Their Wedding Day (Source: Instagram)

The couple later, in 2019, welcomed their second child, a son, Gian A. German. Recently, on January 18, 2023, they were blessed with their third child, Gael German.

While the couple shared their wedding photo on March 18, they have chosen not to reveal the specific date of their marriage.

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