Draya Michele Pregnant: Expecting Child With Houston Rockets Star Jalen Green?

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Draya Michele is allegedly pregnant with her third child, as her walk caught the attention of many at the Rockets game. The NBA fans believe Houston Rockets guard Jalen Green could be Draya’s baby daddy.

Jalen Green and the American actress were first seen in August 2023. Several eyebrows were raised when they were first spotted, as Jalen is as old as Draya’s oldest child, Kniko Howard. 

Draya And Jalen Both Attended The GQ Men Of The Year Event In November 2023
Draya And Jalen Both Attended The GQ Men Of The Year Event In November 2023 (Source: Instagram)

But if the pregnant rumors are true, the 21-year-old NBA player doesn’t seem to mind becoming a dad. Both Draya and Green have never exclusively talked about their relationship status.

The second overall pick of the 2021 NBA draft, Jalen Green, is averaging 17.1 points this season and remains unfazed by what is going on outside of the basketball court.

The American actress is a mother of two, with her youngest being born in 2016 to the former NFL player Orlando Scandrick. 

Draya Michele Pregnant: Expecting Child With Jalen Green?

The American TV and film actress Draya Michele is allegedly pregnant with her third child. The internet was set ablaze after they saw a video of Draya exiting the Houston Rockets game, in which she did look pregnant. 

The Hollywood Unlocked Instagram page shared a video of Draya exiting the game, and many have taken to the comment section to give their two thoughts about whether the actress is pregnant or not. 

One user wrote, “Oh, that’s that prego walk.” The Instagram page didn’t directly hint at Draya looking pregnant and made up a different headline. They wrote that the actress looked stylish in the oversized overalls.

Jalen And Draya Were First Spotted Together In August 2023
Jalen And Draya Were First Spotted Together In August 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The fans were quick to catch on the sarcastic headline, as they wrote, “Y’all know the reason y’all posted this, and it ain’t cuz the overalls are “stylish.”

Many fans believe Draya’s baby daddy is the Rockets’ guard Jalen Green. Jalen and Draya were first spotted together last year in August. 

At that time, many were upset about the pairing as Draya and Jalen have an age gap of 17 years. Many said if the roles were reversed, it would’ve been a bigger controversy. 

Some also believed it was Jalen’s plan to be pictured with Draya. Before their outing, an old video of Jalen making sexual gestures to his teammate Josh Christopher went viral over the internet. 

Fans believed the guard wanted to change the perception of the NBA fans. Michele first caught the general public’s attention in 2011 when she appeared in the VH1 series Basketball Wives.

Since then, she has reprised various roles in TV and movies and owns several fashion lines. She also has a massive following of 9.6 million on Instagram. 

Draya Michele Two Sons 

Draya Michele already has two kids from her previous two relationships. The actress’ first son, Kniko Howard, was born in 2002, the same year as Jalen Green.

Draya was only 17 when she had Kniko, and she has previously talked about her struggles as a young mom. Kniko started his first year of college in August 2021 at Georgia State University. 

Previously, there was a debate on the internet about Kniko’s father’s identity. Years later, Draya finally broke her silence on the topic and explained that Kniko’s dad had been sent to prison when she was seven months pregnant. 

She also said that Kniko Sr was out of prison and is a barber in Pennsylvania. Michele’s second son, Jru Howard, was born in 2016, whom she had with former NFL cornerback Orlando Scandrick.

Draya's Oldest Son, Kniko Howard Is The Same Age As Jalen Green
Draya’s Oldest Son, Kniko Howard Is The Same Age As Jalen Green (Source: Instagram)

Orlando proposed to Draya in 2015, but the engagement couldn’t turn into a wedding as the couple called it quits in 2019. The pair had been together since 2013, and even in 2015, one month after the proposal, the couple had broken up.

In a deleted Instagram post in 2019, Michele wrote, After more than two years together, Orlando and I have mutually decided to end our relationship.”

She further wrote, “Unfortunately, we both live very hectic lives, making it difficult to spend the deserved time together. He is a great father, and I will cherish the memories that we created.”

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