Dre Greenlaw Sisters AJ and Camryn: Does He Have A Brother?

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Dre Greenlaw two sisters, AJ and Camryn Greenlaw, as said by the linebacker, have made an impact on his life. His youngest sister, Camryn, has shown interest in sports and might follow in his footsteps.

Before Super Bowl 58, the 49ers linebacker paid tribute to his adoptive parents, Brian and Nanci Early. Greenlaw said he wouldn’t be where he is today in his career without their support. 

Greenlaw Pictured Early In The 2023 Season
Greenlaw Pictured Early In The 2023 Season (Source: Instagram)

Dre and his teammates, Brock Purdy and Christian Mccaffrey, couldn’t make history, as they failed to go past Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce’s Chiefs. 

But what was even worse for Dre is that he tore his Achilles while running onto the field in the first half. The latest report suggests Greenlaw might miss the 2024 season, which would be a huge blow for the 49ers. 

Dre Greenlaw Sisters: Meet AJ and Camryn

Dre Greenlaw has two younger sisters, AJ and Camryn, but they aren’t his biological siblings. The football player became brother to AJ and Camryn after he was adopted by their parents, Brian and Nanci Early.

Brian met Dre when the 49ers player joined the Methodist Boys Home in Fayetteville, Arkansas. After getting injured during a game, Dre was sent to a local high school for treatment.

Brian was one of the coaches of the high school team and took notice of Greenlaw. In his interview, Brian said he was impressed with Dre’s demeanor and how he carried himself. 

Aivery And Camryn Pictured Celebrating Christmas 2022 With Their Family
Aivery And Camryn Pictured Celebrating Christmas 2022 With Their Family (Source: Facebook)

Brian started frequenting Methodist Boys Home, and with his wife, Nanci, he would buy Dre clothes and treat him to meals. But one day, the Early family found that the Methodist Boys Home was about to close, so they decided to foster Dre. 

Despite already being parents to two young daughters, Nanci and Brian didn’t hesitate to take Dre into their house. During his conversation with NBC, Dre said his two sisters have had a massive impact on him.

The footballer said it made him responsible and that he felt he needed to set an example for them. 

AJ, whose full name is Aivery, graduated from high school in 2022. She is currently a student at the University of Arkansas and is part of the Chi Omega Sorority. 

Camryn Early, 15, is a sophomore at high school and has shown interest in tennis. She also has an Instagram page dedicated to nail art. 

Nanci has shared a couple of photographs of the girls with Dre when he was brought into the family. 

Does Dre Greenlaw Have A Brother?

Brian and Nanci had no son before Dre came into their lives. But the linebacker might have a brother from his biological family. 

Dre is one of 12 kids of his biological parents. The linebacker and his siblings were separated after their parents divorced. Dre lived with his mom and six siblings. The other five siblings lived with their dad.

So, among his 11 siblings, there’s no doubt that he would at least have one brother. Dre has never shared any family pictures on his Instagram handle. 

But he has previously shared a picture with a woman named Queida Cooper, whom he has called his sister. So, there is a chance that Queida is Dre’s biological sister. 

He has also followed a few other people with the same last name as his on Instagram, who could well be his siblings or cousins. One is Artie Greenlaw, a tattoo artist, and another is Quamae Greenlaw, who lives in Arkansas. 

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