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Football is considered the most popular game all over the world. Indeed, many people follow this game religiously.

Besides, whoever follows football might be aware of the name Ed McCaffrey. Ed McCaffrey is currently working as a coach, but he is also a former NFL player.

McCaffrey, from his early childhood, loved playing football. Joining the NFL is a dream for a lot of football players. Not only Ed joined the NFL, but also he became one of the best players.

However, after 13 seasons in the NFL, McCaffrey turned into a football coach. Then, he started teaching football and continued his legacy.

Ed’s sons are also continuing his estate and marking their names in baseball history.

Ed McCaffrey is showing his talent.
Ed McCaffrey is showing his talent.

Today we dive into the life of Ed McCaffrey. We will discuss his age, net worth, career, personal life, and childhood. But first, let us glance at the quick facts section.

Quick Facts

Full Name Edward Thomas McCaffrey
Birth Place Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, United States
Birth Date August 17, 1968
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Edward McCaffrey, Sr.
Mother Elizabeth McCaffrey
Education Stanford College

Allentown (PA) Central Catholic

Horoscope Leo
Sibling 4
Position Wide receiver
Age 55 Years Old
Height 6 ft. 5 inches
Weight 98 kg
Sexual Orientation Straight
Current Team Northern Colorado Bears Football
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Baby blue eyes
Annual Salary $190,000
Marital Status Married (Lisa McCaffrey)
Children 4
Touchdowns 55
NFL Draft 1991 (The New York Giants)
Profession Head football coach
Net Worth $6 million
Honors Won 3 super bowls

Second-team All-Pro (1998)

Pro Bowl (1998)

First-team All-American (1990)

First-team All-Pacific- 10 (1990)

Denver Broncos 50th anniversary team

Social Media Twitter
Merch Cards, Jersey, Autographed Helmet, Rookie Card
Last Update July, 2024

Ed McCaffrey | Early Life, Family, And Education

Ed Thomas McCaffrey, famous as Ed McCaffrey, was born on August 17, 1968. He was born and raised in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, United States.

Ed McCaffrey
Ed McCaffrey is 52 now.

Thomas was born to Elizabeth McCaffrey (mother). However, Ed’s Father, Edward McCaffrey Sr., was also a basketball player.

Besides, he played basketball at St. Joseph’s College. According to sources, his Father always supported him in playing baseball.

Ed has 4 siblings, and he is the eldest son of Elizabeth. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Indeed, his childhood was terrific, as he had many siblings to play with.

McCaffrey went to Allentown(PA) Central Catholic School. Apart from football, he also played basketball.

Throughout his school days, he played Basketball. He was such a splendid basketball player.

McCaffrey played so well that Central Catholic School won the state baseball tournament, not once but twice.

Ed coaching in the field.
Ed coaching in the field.

After Ed graduated from Central Catholic School, he joined Stanford University. When he was studying at Stanford, Ed started taking football seriously.

McCaffrey played in various tournaments during his University days. Not surprisingly, in 1990, McCaffrey also won All-American in his senior year.

Today, he shines as bright as a star because of his dedication and passion for football.

Ed McCaffrey | Football Career

Ed Thomas McCaffrey officially started his career in 1991 after he was drafted into the NFL.

However, he always loved sports and played football from a very early age, let us say from his childhood.

Coach Ed McCaffrey
Coach Ed McCaffrey

When Ed was in the NFL, he was one of the best players in the NFL. Still, McCaffrey is considered the best player in NFL history.

He has achieved a lot during his NFL career and set a benchmark for young generations.


During the 2001 season, Ed sustained a severe leg injury after making a one-handed catch in a game against the New York Giants.

Although the Broncos won the game, McCaffery broke his leg, which led him to miss the entire 2001 season. The Giants’ player Shaun Williams walloped him while playing the game. 

As a result, he fell onto the field while holding his leg in agony. Minutes later, he was assisted by the medical team that took him off the field in a maintenance vehicle. 

Shortly after that, he was admitted to the Swedish Medical Center, where the doctors discussed the possibility of surgery for his leg.

Career highlights Of McCaffrey (as a football player)

  • The New York Giants first drafted Edward; he was with them from 1991- 1993. McCaffrey was selected in the third round.
  • He played for 3 years in New York Giants and later joined the San Francisco 49ers. McCaffrey had a contract of a year with them. He won his first super bowl as a 49er.
Ed McCaffrey Speaking At An Event
Ed McCaffrey Speaking At An Event
  • Similarly, in 1995, Edward was brought to the Denver Broncos by Mike Shanahan, as Mike became the head coach of Denver 1995.
  • However, Edward started playing well in all his games after joining Denver.
  • In 1997, he became one of Denver’s leading receivers as he caught two catches for 45 yards.
  • He recorded his career in 1998; Ed, with 1,053 receiving yards and 10-touchdown output, was selected to the lone pro bowl.
3-time super bowl winner Ed McCaffrey.
3-time super bowl winner Ed McCaffrey.
  • Similarly, Broncos also won back-to-back world titles. Whereas Ed also has a significant role in the victory of the Broncos.
  • Ed is also considered the Broncos’ one of the best players of all time. Additionally, he is considered 5th best Broncos player of all time and 4th in receiving touchdowns.
  • Finally, in 2004, Ed decided to retire from his career as his previous performances were not as good as expected. So, he thought it would be better to quit than perform poorly.

Career Stats

Year GP Rec Yards Avg TD
Career 185 565 7,422 13.1 55

After Retirement

Early in the summer of 2000, he started coaching youths from football camp.

Later, in 2001, he gave them basic football knowledge, but he also trained them in soccer, basketball, and baseball from his foundation SportsEddy.

Ed McCaffrey debuts as a coach.
Ed McCaffrey debuts as a coach.

He did this before his retirement. Then, after his retirement, he started to coach in different schools, colleges, and teams.

Eddie also started “Dare to Play” football camp and “Dare to Cheer” cheerleading, the same for individuals with down syndrome.

However, he started this excellent initiative by joining hands with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation in 2011.

Ed McCaffrey with wife Lisa.
Ed McCaffrey with wife Lisa.

Besides, Eddie, with his wife Lisa, has started a foundation named McCaffrey Family Foundation.

This foundation gives financial help to children who are not getting academic facilities due to medical situations.

McCaffrey also has his brand of mustard and horseradish sauce. However, this sauce can be found in supermarkets in Colorado.

Eddie also served as a Pacific Pro Football League commissioner on January 7, 2019. This league is a planned professional football league founded by Don Yee.

Former NFL Player Ed McCaffrey
Former NFL Player Ed McCaffrey

McCaffrey was also announced as the head coach of Valor Christian High School in 2018. Similarly, in the 2019 University of Northern Colorado announced McCaffrey as the University’s head coach.

Since then, he has been working as a head coach. After that, however, everything was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, including schools, colleges, and universities. 

Due to this, Ed was inside his House for several months as he couldn’t go out to work. But no, as everything is returning to normal, Ed has started his training.

Ed McCaffrey | Body Measurement & Age

At the time of writing, Edward Thomas McCaffrey is 52 years old. As an athlete, he takes excellent care of his health and diet. 

Moreover, he has a daily workout routine and maintains a good physique. Furthermore, he is a Christian by religion and white by ethnicity.

Likewise, we would like to add that McCaffrey is 6 ft. 5 inches tall and weighs 98kg. Even at this age, Ed takes outstanding care of his body and has an incredible physique.

Ed McCaffrey
Ed McCaffrey

Similarly, Ed has beautiful baby blue eyes and black hair. Everyone loves and adores his eyes.

Ed McCaffrey, according to his birth chart horoscope, is a Leo. People with this zodiac sign are fierce, passionate, and dedicated.

Likewise, McCaffrey is also passionate and dedicated to his football.

Indeed, he is a good player; whatever Ed has achieved today is all because of his hard work. 

Undoubtedly, Ed McCaffrey is one of the best football players of all time and has motivated many youths to do something big in their life.

Ed McCaffrey | Net Worth, Salary & Earnings

Ed McCaffrey Duing His Playing Career
Ed McCaffrey During His Playing Career

McCaffrey has earned quite a good amount of money since he worked for a long time. Indeed, he lives a happy and luxurious life.

It is estimated that he has a net worth of $6 million. Besides, he earns $190,000 every year. Furthermore, his career earnings amount to $18,560,640.

Ed MacCaffrey bought a House 2001 worth $2.7 million, located in Castle Rock, Colorado. Indeed, this House is luxurious to live in and beautiful enough to spend quality time with family.

Ed McCaffrey | Personal Life, Wife & Kids

Ed McCaffrey While Playing For The Broncos
Ed McCaffrey While Playing For The Broncos

McCaffrey is a family man; he loves spending time with his family. Ed McCaffrey is married to Lisa Sims McCaffrey.

Ed and Lisa both attended Stanford University. It won’t be wrong to say they have been together since then.

However, Lisa has been with Ed in his good and bad times. She was with him when he had nothing; he was just an average player.

But today, he has everything which wouldn’t have been possible without Lisa’s love and support.

Hence, Ed is so grateful that he got Liza as his wife. He believes if Lisa were not there, he wouldn’t be this successful. So Ed gives every bit of credit to Liza.

McCaffrey says if Liza weren’t there to look after his family and kids, he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on his games. Hence, Ed considers Lisa as his lady luck.

Besides, Lisa always believed in Ed and always stood by his side. So they are the power couple, and many youths should learn to love or express love from these two.

Ed and Lisa together have 4 kids. However, all their sons follow in Ed’s footsteps and are also famous.

As it is said, “Like Father like son.” Similarly, Ed’s eldest son Max McCaffrey plays football and is a wide receiver like his Father.

Besides, Christian McCaffrey was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the NFL draft. Likewise, their other son Dylan McCaffrey is a top-ranked quarterback in Colorado and a second-ranked quarterback in the USA.

Besides, their youngest son Luke McCaffrey is also a football player. He has just received an offer from Nebraska to join them.

Ed is living his best life with his family. Besides, his sons are also doing great in their careers, which definitely would make any Father proud.

Ed McCaffrey | Social Media Presence

Twitter (@87ed) : 99.4k followers

Ed McCaffrey | FAQs

What are some of Ed McCaffrey’s best catches?

Some of the former footballer’s best catches were in a 1998 game against the Bengals in week 9, a 1996 game against the Ravens in week 1, and a 2000 game against the Chargers in week 12.

What are Ed McCaffrey’s madden stats?

The coach’s Madden Ultimate Team stats are available at muthead.com.

Is Ed McCaffrey in the Hall of Fame?

No, Ed is not inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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