Elijah Payne Death And Obituary: What Happened To The Basketball Player?

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The death of young Elijah Payne is a tough pill to digest. To see such a potential superstar suffer an untimely demise is an extremely grim feeling.

A sad news hit us as the high school basketball player Elijah Payne passed away.

We do not know the exact details regarding his death. But we will talk about his life and the impact he made on those around him.

Late Basketball Student-Athlete Elijah Payne
Late Basketball Student-Athlete Elijah Payne (Source: Instagram)

Elijah Hassem Payne was a 18-year-old high school student-athlete who played basketball. In addition, he came from Tampa, Florida, and was a shooting/power forward.

Furthermore, Payne attended Excel Christian Academy, where he made a significant impact up to his sophomore year. Then the young dreamer opted to join Bell Creek Academy at Riverview.

With the Panthers varsity team, Elijah was developing his game in a rapid nature. He was in his senior year and was on course to create history.

Moreover, the scouts projected him to surpass 1000 points and rebound this year, a record in Hillsborough County.

Elijah Payne: Death And Obituary

Unfortunately, the young sensation met with an unfortunate fate. His family confirmed Elijah is no more, he left everyone and found peace on November 2nd.

The news of Elijah’s death has shocked everyone, especially those close to him. His mother Tenesia Payne posted on her Instagram in utter disbelief.

Elijah With His Mother
Elijah With His Mother (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, at this moment Elijah’s family and friends are in no state to further talk about his death.

It is a period of mourning and we also must respect their needs and comply with them.

Elijah has left a huge void, as a son, brother, athlete, and most importantly a gentle human.

What Is The Cause Of Death?

To be precise, we have no information regarding the cause of young Elijah’s death.

The 17-year-old was definitely not sick, so it is an assumption he became the victim of an unfortunate event.

Furthermore, we can see comments on his condolence posts, where people are asking about the cause of death. So, at the moment, we must respect the family’s wishes to not disclose the exact events that led to the young baller’s death.

Moreover, whatever the reason may be it is important to remember Elijah for the person he was. A young, kind soul who impacted many lives in such a short time.

Elijah Payne: Loved By Everyone

When we talk about people who emit the purest of vibes, Elijah makes the list.

According to his close ones, he was a man of pure soul and cared for everyone around him.

Furthermore, the comments on his social media are full of his well-wishers and people who spent time with him.

Many say he was the best teammate an athlete could ask for, or, a player who cared more about the team. It further emphasizes the point that he was a rare guy with a unique personality. 

Elijah Was The Purest Of Souls
Elijah Was The Purest Of Souls (Source: Instagram)

Elijah was known by many names, Escalade, Big E, Big Fella, Pressure, etc. But most importantly he was his mother’s baby boy and his younger brother’s caretaker.

Elijah’s younger brother Josiah Payne loved him immensely and has put up the acronym, LLE on his Instagram bio, meaning Long Live Elijah.

Likewise, NightRydasElite a basketball program Elijah played for also put up their condolences. Here too, people have flooded the comments with love and respect for the late Elijah.


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