Emily Austin Wikipedia And Age: Is The Reporter Jewish?

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“Since fans were longing to read an Emily Austin Wikipedia we decided to prepare one for you all. Read till the end to find out everything about her.”

Emily is a sports reporter, model and social media influencer who takes much pride in her heritage. 

Emily Austin Flaunting Her Leather Wardrobe In A Photoshoot
Emily Austin Flaunting Her Leather Wardrobe In A Photoshoot (Source: Instagram)

She is a multi-talented young woman who has managed to gain global attention at a very young age.

Emily was born on May 24, 2001, and is currently 23 years old. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Emily is someone who can be said to be a jack of all trades. 

She actively engages in acting, sports journalism, and modelling, and wields influence on social media.

Being a sports journalist was never in store for Emily as she was initially planning to study medicine. 

However, the COVID pandemic brought everyone’s (including her) world to a standstill.

That is when she started interviewing athletes on Instagram on a show she started called Daily Vibes with Emily Austin.

She then went on to study journalism at Hofstra University while also being a model on the side.

Furthermore, Emily is well known for serving as a judge for the 71st Miss Universe Pageant held in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2023.

Let’s Elaborate Emily Austin Wikipedia By Looking At Her Religion

Emily Austin is a devoted Jew and she follows all the Jewish traditions like keeping Kosher and not working on Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath).

Even though she spent the majority of her life in the United States, her parents are originally from Israel and follow Judaism. 

She never tries to hide her Jewish identity and is very vocal about it. Emily does speak in favour of her religion but is a staunch supporter of human equality. 

The young reporter believes that all humans are born equal despite their differences in terms of religion, race, nationality or ethnicity. 

Emily Austin In Front Of A Mosque Showing She Respects All Religions
Emily Austin In Front Of A Mosque Showing She Respects All Religions (Source: Instagram)

She has claimed that she faces a lot of hate comments since she is a Jew. People have even given out death threats to her. 

Emily seems very disappointed that people do not understand the Jewish people. This is because they tend to follow the stereotypical narrative of a Jew. 

She is worried that not enough individuals are speaking out against antisemitism online.

The reporter also believes that many dismiss antisemitism as “free speech,” despite the fact that hatred of other minorities is never tolerated.

Austin has learned that if the Jewish people do not speak up, we will not have any allies standing up.

Emily In UN And Her View Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict 

Emily Austin Wikipedia would be incomplete without knowing that she has been working on the Israeli mission to the UN. There, she handles English communications and public relations. 

The job is an internship but the young influencer got to learn and experience a lot about advocacy. 

Her meeting with UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan ultimately paved the way for her to become a candidate for the prestigious internship.

Emily Austin Reporting In Media Day
Emily Austin Reporting In Media Day (Source: Instagram)

Her stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict is pretty clear. In a tweet, she explicitly said that she supports the decisions of the Israeli government. 

However, the attacks were not against the government of Palestine or the Muslim people. Instead, it was about crushing an enemy filled with rapists and murderers. 

In another video that she has posted, she stresses that war is not the solution. However, she has reminded her followers of why the war began in the first place. 

Emily says that her thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims of the war; Men, women and even animals. 

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