Emmitt Smith Sister Connie And Marsha Smith: Siblings Supporting Each Other

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Former NFL star Emmitt Smith has two sisters named Marsha and Connie and three brothers named Erik, Emil, and Emory.

Emmitt’s sister, Marsha, is a cancer survivor, and she is thankful to her family and siblings for their support.

The siblings share a close bond and can be seen supporting during hard times and celebrating every victory together.

Emmitt Smith Sister
Emmitt Smith Sister (Source: Instagram)

Emmitt James Smith III, born on May 15, 1969, is a former professional football running back, mostly playing for Dallas Cowboys in the NFL for 15 seasons.

He began his football career with his Escambia High School team and became the second-leading rusher in high school football history.

After setting numerous records in college football with the Florida Gators, he made his professional debut with the Cowboys in the 1990 NFL draft.

In 1993, the Super Bowl Championship Winner became the only running back to win the NFL Most Valuable Player award, the NFL Rushing crown, and the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award, all in the same season.

Furthermore, after retiring on February 3, 2005, the Pro Football Hall of Famer has been involved in various charities and has joined television for sports coverage and entertainment.

Emmitt Smith Sister Connie And Marsha Smith

Mary J. Smith and Emmitt James Smith Jr. had six children, including Emmitt Smith. He grew up with his two sisters and three brothers.

As a public figure, Emmitt is very active on all his social media platforms. In contrast, his sisters like to maintain a low profile.

Connie is entirely off the hook as she is inactive online. However, Marsha can be found on Instagram under the handle @marshasmithhill.

Siblings Supporting Each Other

Earlier in September 2011, His sister, Marsha Smith, was diagnosed with Stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer.

Emmitt Smith With His Family And Sister Watching A Game
Emmitt Smith With His Family And Sister Watching A Game (Source: Instagram)

As the siblings are close, Emmitt Smith was the first person his sister decided to call to share her news about cancer.

The NFL Hall of Famer was shocked and concerned initially after hearing the news of his sister’s breast cancer diagnosis as he revealed no one had suffered from cancer in his family.

Nevertheless, he was preparing for everything he could do for his sister, financially or emotionally.

Later, she underwent a double mastectomy during her treatment and was in remission for five years.

After her recovery, she was honored by RaysBaseball with a first pitch throw to Tim Beckham on June 25, 2017. There was an emotional moment when Emmitt surprised his sister with flowers on the field.

Also, she now encourages every woman to be screened for breast cancer while sharing her years of experience as a cancer survivor.

Besides, Emmitt Smith appreciates his sister and every woman in his life with emotional posts on special days.

Emmitt Smith Children

With his current wife, Patricia Southall, Emmitt has three children: Emmitt James Smith IV, Skylar Smith, and Elijah Alexander.

Furthermore, Smith is the stepfather of Jasmine Page Lawrence. He also has a daughter named Rheagen Smith with his ex-wife Hope Wilson.

Emmitt Smith Children
Emmitt Smith Children (Source: Instagram)

Just like his father, Smith’s eldest son is pursuing his career in NFL with Stanford Football.

The former NFL player likes to spend time with his siblings and family, as seen on social media platforms. 

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