Eric Montross Kids: Daughter Sarah And Meg Montross & Son Andrew

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Former NBA star Eric Montross was blessed with three kids: two daughters, Sarah and Megan Montross, and a son, Andrew Montross.

While Sarah and Andrew may not pursue their father’s basketball legacy, they embody the true essence of the Montross family.

Shaped by family values, a sense of purpose, and a profound desire to contribute positively to the world, Montross kids make a meaningful impact.

Eric Montross And His Kids
Eric Montross And His Kids (Source: X)

Eric was born on September 23, 1971, in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. His basketball career started from a very early age. 

Playing for Lawrence North High School, he was selected as a McDonald’s All-American in 1990.

After leading Lawrence North to the Indiana high school basketball championship, Montross committed to the North Carolina Tar Heels.

He was also named to the USA Today All-American first team.

The Boston Celtics selected Montross with the ninth overall pick in the 1994 NBA draft.

During his NBA career, he played for other notable franchises like Dallas Mavericks and Toronto Raptors.

Aside from Basketball, Montross ventured into the social service world, co-founding Vaccine Ambassadors.

Who Are Eric Montross Kids? 

As mentioned earlier, Eric was a father to three kids: two daughters, Sarah and Meghan Montross, and a son, Andrew Montross.

Like her dad, Sarah Montross was involved in sports. She played volleyball for the Carrboro High School team.

The ever-supportive father, Eric, used to be in the stands to cheer on his daughter at the games. He stated in an interview that he never pressured Sarah to try Basketball.

“I did basketball camps and stuff when I was younger, but when I got to middle school I thought ‘No, this is not for me,'” Sarah said in an interview in 2017.

Eric also stated:

“I’ve always loved kids who have a variety of interests and when it’s your own child you just want them to enjoy what they’re doing. She was enjoying volleyball the most of the sports she was doing, and she tried everything under the sun.”

Sarah Montross (Right) Playing Volleyball
Sarah Montross (Right) Playing Volleyball (Source: Herald Sun)

In contrast, Eric’s son, Andrew Montross, has made strides in the academic and corporate world. He has an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he works for the Summit Group, LLC, based in Washington, D.C..

According to his post on Instagram, he recently got engaged to his fiance, Meghan Bechtel.

Andrew Montross And His Fiance
Andrew Montross And His Fiance (Source: Instagram)

As for Meghan Montross, she likes to keep her personal life pretty private.

Very little concrete information is available about her except some family pictures on the internet.

Montross passed away At The Age of 52

On December 2023, Eric tragically passed away, leaving the basketball and the entire sporting world in a state of mourning and shock.

He had been fighting his battle against cancer since March 2023, leading to him stepping away from his duties as a radio analyst for UNC game broadcasts.

Eric Montross Tribute
Eric Montross Tribute (Source: X)

The University of North Carolina paid a heartwarming tribute to their former big man on X.

“To know Eric was to be his friend; the thoughtful way that he lived his life will continue in the lives of the many people he touched with his deep and sincere kindness,” the tribute stated.

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