Eugénie Le Sommer Parents: Who Are Thierry And Claudine?

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Eugénie Le Sommer parents, Thierry And Claudine are her biggest fans. They miss no opportunity to see their daughter play. 

Eugénie Le Sommer Showing Off Her Skills In Practice
Eugénie Le Sommer Showing Off Her Skills In Practice (Source: Instagram)

Eugénie Anne Claudine Le Sommer-Dariel was born on 18 May 1989. She is a French professional soccer player who currently plays as a forward for Lyon and the France national team.

Le Sommer is primarily a creative offensive midfielder and left winger for her country, but she has also played as a second striker.

The midfielder is a very decorated player in modern women’s club soccer competitions. She has scored more goals for France than any other player of any gender.

She has 10 French domestic titles to her name and is one of only three players to have won an unprecedented eight European Cups with Lyon.

The player loves traveling, having traveled across the world, all credit to her lifestyle as a soccer superstar. 

Le Sommer loves going to the beaches and believes that beaches are the best places for her to practice soccer. 

She is also a big fan of the French striker Oliver Giroud, and she has been with him at several public events. 

Eugénie Le Sommer Parents: Thierry And Claudine

Eugénie is a very lucky woman as she has very supportive parents. Her father is Thierry, and her mother is Claudine Le Sommer. 

The couple has seven children, including five girls and two boys, one of whom is Le Sommer.

Thierry is a retired policeman who now spends his free time traveling around the world, being the biggest cheerleader of his daughter. 

Furthermore, he says that thanks to his retirement, he can now be a full-time Le Sommer fan. 

Eugénie Le Sommer Mother Claudine
Eugénie Le Sommer Mother Claudine (Source: Twitter)

However, Claudine herself is not new in the realm of women’s soccer. We can even say that Le Sommer draws a lot of inspiration from her mother. 

Claudine was a player for the Paris Saint-Germain back in 1982. This was a time when soccer was considered very much unsuitable for women.

Looking back, Claudine believes that gender discrimination, financial challenges, and a quest for recognition seriously impacted her soccer career.

Hence that was the reason why she did not want her daughter to pursue soccer as a career. 

However, Le Sommer would not listen to her mother at all. At four years old, she began asking her mother to enroll her in a soccer academy.

Claudine used to believe that the game was too rough and that it devalued femininity, a notion her daughter is currently disproving.

Le Sommer Husband Florian Daniel A Dream Wedding Date For Soccer Player

Le Sommer wed her husband, Florian Daniel, on 11 August 2020. This was just two days after she won the 2019–20 Coupe de France féminine.

They had been dating since 2018, and the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to postpone their previous marriage date.

Florian has a huge deal of experience when it comes to the management and administration side of sports. 

Eugénie Le Sommer Husban Florian Daniel
Eugénie Le Sommer Husban Florian Daniel (Source: Instagram)

He is currently working as an event manager for Olympique Lyonnais since 2018.

He had also worked with the Olympique Lyonnais Groupe as an assistant event project manager. 

Florian is largely associated with event management as he had previously worked in various grand events such as LOOK Cycle Group, Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, UEFA EURO 2016, National Olympic Committee, and many more.

Florian is a soccer enthusiast like his wife and is also engaged in organizing soccer training sessions for young female players.

He also practices running and has completed five marathons, including the Paris Marathon, in April 2019.

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