Who Is Eva Blanton, Shad Mayfield Girlfriend? Age And Wikipedia

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Well-renowned rodeo Shad Mayfield’s girlfriend’s name is Eva Blanton. She is also into horse riding and has competed in intermediate and amateur competitions.

Blanton has been riding horses and began competing seriously around the age of high school.

She inherited her love for horses from her father, Darren, who still competes occasionally in team roping alongside his daughter.

Shad Mayfield and Eva Blanton
Shad Mayfield And Eva Blanton (Source: Instagram)

Shad Mayfield, one of the most recognizable faces in the ProRodeo circuit, was born in Clovis, New Mexico, just around the corner from Texas. 

The 6’3 athletic Mayfield inherited his love for horses from his father, Sylvester Mayfield, who was also a professional rodeo.

He has competed in multiple prestigious Rodeo tournaments and amassed many trophies and prize money.

His career earnings amount to $795,550, and he has won prestigious tournaments such as the Lake County Round-up and the Rio Grande Valley Livestock & Rodeo.

Shad Mayfield’s Girlfriend: Eva Blanton Wikipedia And Age

Shad Mayfield is presently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Eva Blanton. Like Mayfield, she also shares a great passion for horse riding.

From her Instagram account, it is clear to see that Eva is a typical countryside girl. She regularly shares pictures of riding horses and fishing.

Shad and Eva are also pretty public about their relationship. Both post pictures of one another showing love and support on social media.

More About Eva Blanton

She is a Texas native and graduated high school in 2015 from Highland Park High School. In contrast to her classmates, she felt more at home on the ranch riding horses.

“I didn’t go to any school dances or anything, because I would have rodeos those nights,” Blanton said in an interview in 2015. “I like rodeo way better.”

Eva Blanton in her ranch
Eva Blanton In Her Ranch. (Source: Instagram)

Blanton inherited her love for Rodeo from her father, Darren, who had taken her to ranches since childhood.  

“I thought it was a good place to take the kids on the weekend and get them away from the city,” Darren Blanton said of the ranch. “Eva really took to it.”

There is no concrete information about Eva’s age, but from her high school graduation date, we can guess she is in her early to mid-twenties.

Like her partner Mayfield, Eva has also won many accolades in the rodeo circuit. In December 2022, her team was crowned NCHA Intermediate Amateur Champions, where she won a check for $16,845.

Blanton was among the top-ranked teenagers in horse riding disciplines of cutting and barrel racing.

Currently, she is also involved in the ranch and residential real estate market.

What Does Shad Mayfield Do With His Money And Success?

It is no secret that Shad Mayfield has amassed great wealth and success at a very early age.

After winning a $600,000 check at The American in 2020, he built his home in Lipan, Texas.

“I was looking for a home for about a year and I started out looking for a place that was already set up, but I couldn’t find anything right for me,” he said.

He was able to add elements such as a tack room, roping arena, and barn in close walking distance to his home to ensure easy access to his horses and a convenient place to practice.

His property is genuinely a horse-riding lover’s dream and he welcomes fellow rodeo athletes and even built horse pens specifically for those passing through.

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