9 Most Expensive Football Helmets from Riddell

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A helmet is an essential accessory for the football player. Helmets are not just important for football players, but players in other games as well.

Helmets are constructed in a way to protect your head. If the helmet doesn’t fit, there are high chances of the player getting serious injuries.

Nowadays, you will find many brands manufacturing helmets for players playing in different games. Each brand designs helmets targeting specific games.

Riddell and Schutt are top football helmet brands offering varieties of helmet models.

Though Riddell and Schutt are the two best companies in the business, people have different opinions about these brands.

Some people prefer Riddell over Schutt, and some people’s loyalty lies to Schutt.

If you are loyal to Riddell, you have landed on the right page. While reading this article, you will come across the best and expensive Football Helmet from Riddell.

Riddell Football Helmets

Riddell is in the sports business since 1929, manufacturing sports accessories. And they are famous for producing high-quality football helmets.

They offer football helmets from cheap to most expensive ones, so you can get quality helmets under your budget.

They provide various versions of football helmets which include Speed Icon, SpeedFlex Diamond, SpeedFlex Helmet, Speed Youth helmets, Speed Classic Icon, and many more.

Getting Football helmets from Riddell can surely satisfy your purchases.

 Job of Football Helmets

So, how football helmets prevent serious head injuries?

There are several features in football helmets that work together to ensure your safety. Each element has a special purpose to protect your brain from injuries.

  • Shell

The outer cover of the helmet is a shell. The shell protects the brain against impacts. It is made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-system plastic or polycarbonate alloy for strong and durable construction.

The material used to manufacture the shell is light but hard enough to provide the necessary protection.

  • Padding

The helmet has padding inside for extra protection. The padding is placed for maximum impact absorption to protect against any damage.

The foam at the front of the helmet protects the forehead. And the foam around the jaw area provides comfort and support to the head.

  • Facemask

Some football helmets have inbuild facemask, and some don’t. You need to buy a facemask for helmets that don’t have one.

Riddell has an inbuild facemask, so you don’t need to stress about finding the right facemask.

Facemask protects your face from coming into contact with the ball and other players. Basically, the facemask is for oral and nose protection.

  • Chinstraps

Chinstraps are to hold the helmet in place. Football helmets have adjustable chinstraps to keep the helmet secure on your head. Straps have good padding to rest your chin.

Why wear a football helmet?

If you haven’t skipped the above section of this article, you might have got a brief idea regarding a football helmet and how it works to protect you during a game.

A football helmet is a protective shell on the player’s head. Its job is to protect the player from concussions and injuries.

Plus, wearing a good helmet doesn’t just protect you from potential injuries but also prevents injuries to other players.

Other than a football helmet, you will also need football gear like cleats and gloves for your safety.

Most Expensive Football Helmets from Riddell

Football helmets mentioned below are the most expensive football helmets from Riddell. Riddell, being one of the most popular brand manufacturing football helmets produce expensive and high-quality helmets.

Riddell NFL New England Patriots Football helmet

New England Patriots Football helmet
New England Patriots Football helmet

A true New England Patriots’ fan would surely want to have this football helmet from Riddell.

It is an exact replica of the New England Patriots Football helmet. Owning this helmet will undoubtedly make the loyal admire of New England Patriots.

This helmet made by Riddell is not for wear, rather it is designed to display. Riddell has constructed this helmet with a non-wear plate.

If you want to wear it, you can just remove the plate, but there is no padding on the upper part of the helmet. You can wear it to click some pictures, but definitely not for a game.

Though this football helmet is not for wear, it has molded foam jaw pad. So, if you remove the plate you will still feel some comfort in your jaw area. But that doesn’t make it perfect for a game.

The shell and bars of the helmet are made of high-quality plastic. The interior is hollow and doesn’t have padding, which is why this helmet is perfect to showcase rather than to wear.

If you are a true fan of Patriots looking for a decent full-size replica helmet, then this helmet is where your search shall stop. Don’t hesitate to get this one for your collection.

This helmet made by Riddell is best to get a signature from your favorite and display it in your collection.

You can just place this helmet on your shelf or on the table. It can get the attention of people wherever you place it.

Riddell SpeedFlex Football Helmet

SpeedFlex Football Helmet
SpeedFlex Football Helmet

Amazing football helmet for a youngster. Riddle SpeedFlex Football Helmet is specially made for a youngster.

If you are in high school or want to gift someone in high school, then this helmet from Riddell is perfect. Great helmet for the football lovers.

This helmet from Riddell has the best ranking on amazon. The Virginia Tech Helmet Ranking system has made this helmet the best available helmet.

The outer material of this helmet is constructed using polycarbonate, which made this helmet durable and stronger. Shell offers impact absorption, which protects your head from serious injuries.

For additional protection, Riddell has used Patented Side Impact Protection (PISP) to minimize force from side-impact, keeping you comfortable in the field.

And to reduce the impact on a facemask and shell, this helmet is designed using Flex System.

This helmet runs true to size. This helmet is available in large size on amazon. The dimensions of this helmet is 11.5 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches.

If you don’t know which size fits you, then you may buy this football helmet on the base of this dimension.

Most football helmets are at least 5 pounds, but this helmet is less than 5 pound which makes athletics to run easily.

Breathability and airflow feature in this helmet enables you to perform on the ground all day.

Riddell has designed this helmet for young athletics to performing at the peak.

The strong shell and lightweight of the helmet ensure your security and help you show your full potential on the ground.

And Riddell has made this helmet available in black and white color. Choose the helmet

color you like. Both color football helmets are available on Amazon in large size.

Riddell Atlanta Falcons Football Helmet

Atlanta Falcons Football Helmet
Atlanta Falcons Football Helmet

The bold Atlanta Falcons logo at the side is the highlight of this helmet from Riddell. This black color football helmet makes third on the list.

This helmet is designed with high-quality material and the latest technology to protect your head on the field.

This helmet features SpeedFlex Shell and padding that keep your head safe.

The cushioning padding and hard shell are for impact absorption and prevent injuries. These features reduce impact from the outside.

The shell of this helmet is also designed with a high-quality polycarbonate material that guarantees protection.

And the Patented Impact Side Protection (PISP) to prevent concussions and injuries. 

This helmet comes with a facemask to protect a player from direct contact from the ball. And chinstrap holds the helmet in place.

Like other helmets from Riddell, the chinstrap is attached to ensure the helmet is fit correctly on the head.

You won’t feel heavy on your head wearing this helmet as it only weighs 5 pounds. You can run after or with the ball without worrying about head injuries.

Atlanta Falcons Football helmet is exactly 10.5 inches tall and features an overline that provides custom comfort. This helmet provides total comfort allowing you to concentrate on your game.

This iconic helmet has been a new trend in the game. It is officially licensed by National Football League, and you will surely be in the spotlight when you wear it.

And this could be the best gift to the Atlanta Falcons Fan. If you know someone, this helmet can put a smile on their face.

Riddell NFL Las Vegas Raiders Football Helmet

Las Vegas Raiders Helmet
Las Vegas Raiders Helmet

If you feel 5 pounds is heavy, then this helmet is perfect for you because it weighs only 1 pound. Do you know Las Vegas Raider’s fan? Gifting this helmet can surely cherish them.

The authentic internal padding in this helmet is described as soft and disperse energy, providing required comfort on the field.

The inner cushioning of the helmet prevents external impacts keeping your head safe. However, this helmet is not recommended for the competitive game.

Ventilation and padding are designed in a way to keep the helmet hygienic even if you practice wearing it the whole day.

Riddell has constructed this football helmet with a large shell which makes it light in weight.

It features an aggressive facemask that protects your mouth. And it also comes with 4-point chinstraps to rest your chin on the soft padding.

This helmet is designed for a skilled players to help them give a hundred percent.

This rider helmet runs small. If you have a small head, it fits you perfectly. Else, you can remove padding at the side of the helmet to fit on your head.

You don’t need to stress on putting the pad back, as it pops straight back in.

One who has a helmet collection will surely like it. This helmet can be the highlight of your collection.

Every detail on this rider helmet is so define, which makes visitors try it when they see their collection.

Raiders football helmet is designed to look and make you feel like a pro. Purchasing this helmet will truly not disappoint you.

Riddell NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Football Helmet

Jacksonville Jaguars Football Helmet
Jacksonville Jaguars Football Helmet

When it comes to expensive yet best helmets from Riddell, Jacksonville Jaguars Football Helmet cannot miss on the list. This helmet is Riddell’s popular design which is specially constructed for the fans.

After Riddell released this helmet, it quickly gained popularity and became a choice of top NFL players.

This helmet is an authentically-inspired collection in Riddell’s helmet line. With time, this helmet has become an iconic helmet in NFL.

This helmet features soft padding that offers comfort to the player. Cushion-like padding inside the helmet delivers snugness around your head. 

It comes in one size, so some of you might feel the helmet is tight on your head. You can remove cushioning in your cheek area for the athletic feel. 

Additionally, Riddell has designed this football helmet with a large size SpeedFlex shell to support your head movement without being heavy on your head.

It is designed to absorb hits from opponents and acts as a protective shell to your skull.

As this helmet is constructed using the SpeedFlex system, parts of the helmet, which include shell and facemask, also contribute to reducing the impact from the hit.

Comfortable over the liner, molded foam pads at the jaw area and air bladder work to deliver support to your head.

These features also offer head protection against sudden hits.

This helmet is exactly 11 inches tall, which is perfect for football fans. A person with fluffy cheeks may feel tight.

Only in such a case, you can remove the padding from the side of the helmet for a comfortable fit.

Riddell NFL Cinicinnati Bengal Football Helmet

Cinicinnati Bengal Football Helmet
Cinicinnati Bengal Football Helmet

Cinicinnati Bengals NFL football helmet made by the most popular brand is designed for a diehard fan. Let your friends know where your loyalty lies by displaying this authentic full-size revolution speed helmet by Riddell.

This impressive helmet is made with high-quality material that has satisfied many Cinicinnati Bengal’s fans.

Showcasing your fandom in the house is how you let people know whose team you belong to without having to tell them.

Also, The 4-point chin strap of this helmet is pretty strong and fits comfortably, which provides excellent snug to your head while you run and jump.

Additionally, Riddell has designed with extended mandible protection.

Also Speed Classic design of this helmet has a functional snap-out interior padding, which provides the necessary support to your head.

Plus, this full-size large helmet shell has elliptical air vents to maximize breathability to keep you fresh all day.

Cinicinnati Bengal Football Helmet is just like the helmet worn by the player on the ground.

It is painted with team colors and coated with a high gloss shiny protective clean finish. And this helmet has the Bengal football team logo on both sides.

You don’t need to make an announcement to show your fandom. All you need is gear from the team.

And no other gear looks best than owning an authentic helmet from your team. Football helmets from Riddell are great for collecting autographs to show-off fandom.

Looks similar to the one worn by the pro. This helmet is definitely an excellent choice for adult football fans and players.

Featuring top design and similar function, this helmet from the top brand deserves a spot in your collection.

Riddell NFL Buffalo Bill Football Helmet

Buffalo Bill Football Helmet
Buffalo Bill Football Helmet

With Riddell’s distinctive shell design, this helmet has become popular among the players in NFL.

The attractive construction of this helmet has brought a positive wave in the football industry. This helmet has a large shell which makes them perfect for an autograph.

NFL licensed helmet features aggressive facemask, internal padding, and 4-point chinstrap for impact absorption and protection.

Facemask help in maintaining oral health in the fields, internal padding is for overall head protection, and the chinstrap is to rest your chin without any discomfort.

This medium size helmet weighs 1 pound and measures 14 x 10 x 9 inches.

So, it is definitely not for the big face people but a perfect way to display your team loyalty. Having a dedicated corner for your team is how you show people your fandom.

The overall construction of this helmet can prevent you from injuries. And for sure you won’t be disappointed when you get football helmets from Riddell.

They always meet quality stander and ensures your head is secure throughout the game. You don’t have to worry about the helmet slipping off your head as it fits perfectly.

Don’t hesitate to get one for display if you are a great Buffalo Bill fan. You won’t be disappointed.

You will get the exact same helmet worn on the field, and this helmet meets every quality standard.

Riddell NFL Houston Texans Football Helmet

Houston Texans Football Helmet
Houston Texans Football Helmet

Riddell understands the inner working to prevent injuries. It is an authentic helmet with has all the necessary features.

This helmet is designed with a large shell to protect against multiple impacts. Polyvinyl-coat gives shine to the helmet making it perfect to display and to get an autograph of the favorite player.

This helmet from Riddell is the exact helmet worn on the field. This new Texans helmet is wonderful to display in your house. And this can be the perfect present for a true football fan.

You are a big Houston Texans fan, but don’t have any gear to represent your fandom, then you can start with this.

If you have not started collecting the football gear, this helmet from Riddell can be a great gear to begin with.

Tru-Curve polycarbonate shell fit perfectly, taking the shape of the head. When you put on this helmet, you will truly feel comfortable even if you practice the whole day.

Just like any other football helmet from Riddell, it has elliptical air vents that allow you to practice, even if you wear it all day.

You will also get an integrated functional air bladder with inflation points to comfort you.

The technology used while building this helmet minimizes the negative collision effect in the helmet. The padding inside is removable.

If this helmet doesn’t fit your head, you can just remove the padding and wear it to show off your loyalty toward your team.

The chinstrap in the helmet allows you to adjust according to the shape of your face protecting your chin.

Additionally, the facemask is made of high-quality stainless steel that keeps the helmet’s weight down and allows you to perform better.

Riddell Minnesota Vikings Pro Line Football Helmet

Minnesota Vikings Helmet
Minnesota Vikings Helmet

This helmet from Riddell is different from the above mentions. What makes it different from other authentic football helmets made by Riddell is its weight. It weighs 12 pounds.

Yes, this authentic Minnesota Vikings Pro Line helmet is a real football helmet. Minnesota Vikings fans won’t want to miss owning this football helmet.

It is not just a similar helmet, but this is the exact helmet players wear on the field.

This full-size Riddell football helmet is constructed with a polycarbonate shell, Z2B metal mask, and has a complete interior padding set.

If you have not seen a real football helmet and don’t know how each element is placed, then this helmet can be the best example.

Above mentioned football helmets are not to be used for a serious game, but this helmet from Riddell can be worn for the game.

However, you need to ensure that it fits perfectly on your head. There is no meaning in wearing this helmet if it doesn’t fit you as it won’t be able to provide you full protection.

Authentic football helmets have air vents, but this one doesn’t have any air vent, which makes this helmet popular among fans to take autographs.

This can be a great centerpiece in your house that can draw visitors’ attention.

Though you can play on the field wearing this helmet as it delivers full security, but it may not allow you to play full day because of the absence of air vents.

This helmet won’t let you play the entire day but can surely get attention on the field.

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