Former Lakers Athletic Trainer Gary Vitti Wife Martha Vitti

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In the quiet solitude of their Manhattan Beach home, former Lakers trainer Gary Vitti enjoys a peaceful life with his wife, Martha Vitti.

Here, the echoes of triumphs on the basketball court fade into the background, giving way to the profound love that goes beyond the boundaries of fame.

While Martha’s online presence is minimal, her undeniable role as Gary’s rock persists, offering unwavering support and love.

Former Lakers Athletic Trainer Gary
Former Lakers Athletic Trainer Gary (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Gary Vitti commenced his career as the head athletic trainer for the Lakers in 1984.

He earned a B.S. in sports medicine from Southern Connecticut State University and an M.S. from the University of Utah.

Before joining the Lakers, Vitti was an assistant trainer with the NBA’s Utah Jazz and head athletic trainer at the University of Portland.

In Los Angeles, Vitti’s expertise aided in securing eight NBA championships, sustaining stars like Bryant, Abdul-Jabbar, Johnson, O’Neal, and Gasol.

In 1991, the NBA named Vitti Trainer of the Year, recognizing his exceptional professional and philanthropic contributions.

Gary Vitti Wife, Martha Vitti

Gary Vitti, the former head athletic trainer for the Los Angeles Lakers, has drawn significant attention for his impact on basketball.

However, behind his successful career stands a supportive partner, his wife, Martha Vitti.

Despite the limelight often shining solely on Gary’s professional achievements, Martha remains integral to his life and journey.

Although information about her is relatively scarce online, Martha’s presence is unmistakably felt in Gary’s life.

Their love story spans years of companionship and devotion, though the exact year of their marriage remains undisclosed.

Former Trainer Gary Vitti With Wife Martha Vitti
Former Trainer Gary Vitti With Wife Martha Vitti (Source: Los Angeles Time)

Martha and Gary are proud parents to two daughters, Rachel Vitti and Emilia Vitti, and two grandsons.

While Rachel has made a name for herself as a renowned dermatologist, little is known about Emilia.

Beyond the glitz of the basketball world, Gary cherishes the simple joys of life and shares moments of their daily experiences on Instagram.

In the hustle and bustle of professional sports, Martha Vitti stands as a beacon of stability and love, anchoring Gary’s life.

How Was Gary Vitty’s Relationship As A Trainer With Kobe Bryant?

It’s been years since Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing, yet the memory of the basketball icon still resonates deeply with Gary Vitti.

Vitti still finds himself choked with emotion whenever he speaks about Bryant, a testament to Bryant’s impact on his life.

Additionally, Vitti once stated,

“The sound of helicopters acts as a constant reminder of Bryant’s untimely demise in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020.”

Vitti’s connection with Bryant transcended the boundaries of a typical player-trainer relationship.

Trainer Gary Bitti With The Legend Kobe Bryant
Trainer Gary Bitti With The Legend Kobe Bryant (Source: Los Angeles)

They shared a unique bond forged through years of working together and celebrating triumphs on and off the court.

As one of the most recognizable figures in NBA athletic training history, Vitti played a pivotal role in Bryant’s career.

Amidst numerous championships, Vitti witnessed Bryant’s evolution from a talented young athlete to a basketball legend.

Their relationship was not without its challenges, as working with a young and ambitious Bryant posed its difficulties.

Furthermore, Vitti recalls humorous anecdotes, such as calling Bryant’s mother for permission to administer Advil.

However, Vitti gained a profound understanding of Bryant’s unparalleled determination and resilience over time.

Bryant’s sudden departure from this world robbed Vitti of a dear friend, leaving an irreplaceable void in his heart.

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