Frank Gore Jr Brother: Meet Ricardo And Demetrius

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When searching about Frank Gore Jr Brother, we have found out that he has two half brothers, Ricardo And Demetrius.

All three brothers are looked after by their father Frank Gore and they have not had to suffer any hardships in life. 

Frank Gore Jr Posing For The Camera In His South Miss Jersey
Frank Gore Jr Posing For The Camera In His South Miss Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Born on March 13, 2002, Franklin Gore Jr. was destined to carry on his father’s legacy after his parents named him after him.

Frank is currently a football running back for the Southern Miss Golden Eagles. He has always been a fearsome player. 

He graduated from the Miami Killian Senior High School where he also started his football career. 

His opponents felt a sense of fear when having to defend against him. During his high school days, he played the positions of quarterback and running back.

Franks had given his word to Florida Atlantic that he would join them. However, Gore was quick to change his commitment to Southern Miss once they presented him with a better opportunity. 

There they would name him the second-team all-conference following the season and also all-freshman.

Here’s What We Know Of Frank Gore Jr Brother

Frank Gore Jr has two brothers who have a different mother than him. Meaning, they are the half brothers of Frank. 

Gore Jr. is the eldest among the three sons of Frank Gore. The next two of his sons are named Ricardo and Demetrius.

The birth year of Ricardo is expected to be on 2003, making him just a year younger than Gore Jr. 

The youngest one of the family, Demetrius was born in 2005, making the age gap between him and Gore Jr. about three years.  

Frank Gore Jr Has Two Half Brothers Named Ricardo And Demetrius
Frank Gore Jr Has Two Half Brothers Named Ricardo And Demetrius (Source: Instagram)

The brothers say that it is a blessing to have Frank Gore as their father. The legendary football player has taught the boys a lot about the game and even life. 

They could watch their father up close in the field of professional football and take a pointer or two from him. 

However, growing up, Gore Jr. and his brothers never felt entitled to anything because of their birth. 

Their father taught them the meaning of hard work and ethics. They learned that discipline will beat talent any day. 

So Gore Jr. and his brothers would always be grinding in the field instead of saying that their dad got it so it’ll be easy for them. 

The brothers are also grateful that they did not have to suffer the hardships that their father had to suffer growing up. 

Gore Jr. Is An MVP 

Frank Gore Jr. made an outstanding performance at the 2024 East-West Shrine Bowl, earning the offensive MVP award.

Gore Jr., representing Team West, made a remarkable performance by running 49 yards for a score.

Despite the difficult circumstances, including minimal team camaraderie owing to the format of all-star games, Gore Jr. demonstrated his athleticism and brilliance on the field.

In addition to his famous touchdown run, Gore Jr. made substantial contributions to Team West’s offensive efforts, rushing for 87 yards on six occasions.

Frank Gore Jr Celebrating His Victory With A Cigar In His Mouth
Frank Gore Jr Celebrating His Victory With A Cigar In His Mouth (Source: Instagram)

They named him as offensive MVP as he managed to impress coaches, teammates, and onlookers with his performance.

Gore Jr.’s flexibility was evident throughout the game, as he excelled as both a rusher and a receiver.

His explosive playing style and strong numbers at the Shrine Bowl cemented his status as a promising NFL Draft prospect.

With his outstanding performance in the Shrine Bowl, Gore Jr. not only demonstrated his potential but also increased his draft stock.

He has attracted the attention of NFL scouts, establishing himself as a player to watch in the forthcoming draft process.

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