Fred Vasseur Wife Marie Laure: Ferrari Principal Married Life & Kids

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Fred Vasseur, who has led teams like Renault and Ferrari, has a private life centered around his wife, Marie Laure.

Despite being renowned in motorsport for leaving a lasting impact, he keeps his personal life shielded from the spotlight. 

Principal Of The Scuderia Ferrari, Frederic Vasseur
Principal Of The Scuderia Ferrari, Frederic Vasseur (Source: Autosport)

Frédéric Vasseur, a French motorsport engineer and manager, boasts a lengthy career overseeing Formula-series teams.

He studied aeronautics and engineering before founding his junior Formula series team, ASM, launching his career.

Following his graduation from ESTACA, Vasseur founded ASM in 1996, winning the French Formula 3 championship in 1998 with Renault.

Transitioning into Formula 1, he assumed roles as the race director and subsequently as the team principal for Renault F1 until his departure in 2016.

He previously served as managing director, CEO, and team principal at Switzerland’s Alfa Romeo Racing and is now at Scuderia Ferrari.

Who Is The Wife Of Fred Vasseur? His Married Life

According to reports, Fred Vasseur has been married to Marie Laure since July 31, 1999, and has 4 children.

Marie has witnessed all the highs and lows of Vasseur’s illustrious career in motorsport and loved him throughout.

Although the media extensively covers Vasseur’s career in motorsport, he has kept his married life very private.

While we know his wife’s name, his children’s names remain a mystery to this day.


Despite limited information about Marie and his children, their support has undoubtedly been crucial to Vasseur’s success.

In a rare moment, Vasseur shared how his family influenced his decision to lead Ferrari, a legendary motorsport team.

During that time, he was the CEO of the Sauber Group and team principal of Alfa Romeo, and he was asked to replace Mattia Binotto at Ferrari.

“I knew I wouldn’t be affected or scared by it,” he said. “It’s just that it’s more demanding, and I didn’t want to expose them to it. For me, it’s one thing, but for my family, it’s another. I had to decide.”

In making this decision, Vasseur’s wife provided her unwavering support and helped him to make a choice.

As their youngest child had just reached 15, his family life heavily influenced Vasseur’s thoughts.

However, Marie Laure’s strong conviction gave him the courage to embrace the challenge.

“My wife was more convinced than me,” Vasseur revealed. “She said, ‘What do you want? Why are you hesitating?'”

Due to his wife’s belief, Vasseur could enter a fresh chapter, ready to make a lasting impact on Ferrari’s renowned legacy.

While we may not know much about his wife or family, this anecdote highlights their love, support, and his wife’s pivotal role.

What Is The Net Worth Of Fred Vasseur?

Fred Vasseur’s reported net worth is currently $3 million. Furthermore, his transition to Ferrari is anticipated to elevate his salary significantly.

Calculations suggest that it may exceed $5 million annually with the Ferrari Formula 1 team.

What Is The Net Worth Of Fred Vasseur
What Is The Net Worth Of Fred Vasseur (Source:

Additionally, he has the background as team boss at Alfa Romeo Sauber and Renault over the past six years.

Hence, his move to Ferrari is expected to boost his position on the reported net worth list of F1 team principals in the future.

Furthermore, he now holds one of the most prestigious and high-pressure positions in Formula 1.

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