Motorsport Writer Matthew Burroughs Obituary: What Is His Cause Of Death?

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Matthew Burroughs Obituary- Motorsport writer Matthew Burroughs passed away at age 35 on November 21, 2023. The cause of his demise is said to be heart failure.

A freelance motorsports writer, Matthew worked for the site, and the cause of his demise was confirmed by one of his close friends. A man passionate about various sports, Matthew created a strong community of supporters in motor racing.

Matthew Burroughs Pictured At Georgetown Speedway In 2020
Matthew Burroughs Pictured At Georgetown Speedway In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

Not only did Matthew create a strong following for himself on several social media platforms like X, Reddit, and Facebook, but he also pushed others to follow their passion. He would travel to watch motorsports racing and was also a passionate gamer.

Matthew and his opinions will certainly be missed by thousands of his supporters, who had grown fond of reading his articles. His close family members are yet to publish a statement on his passing. 

Motorsport Writer Matthew Burroughs Obituary

Motorsport writer Matthew Burroughs passed away on November 21 due to a heart failure. In a post shared on Tehben’s website, one of his close friends confirmed the cause of the demise. 

A native of Salisbury, Maryland, Matthew was born to Lisa and Jim Burroughs. A Southern New Hampshire University graduate, Matthew was always passionate about motorsports. 

In the tribute post for Matthew on Tehben, the writer shared that Matthew would often be present at a racetrack of any variety every weekend. He loved dirt racing, F1, NASCAR, and track racing. 

In motorsports, Matthew found a place to connect with thousands of people, who quickly became fans of his writing. The freelance writer is married to Kristi Burroughs, but they do not share a child.

Nonetheless, Matthew was a dog dad to Kaya The Akita, whom he constantly featured on his X (Formerly Twitter) handle. Along with talking about racing on social media, Matthew, at times, would also talk about his personal life.

Matthew Burroughs Pictured With His Dad Jim Burroughs
Matthew Burroughs Pictured With His Dad Jim Burroughs (Source: Facebook)

He had previously shared on X that his wife and her family weren’t big motorsports fans and so he was slowly persuading his niece and nephew to watch racing clips. 

After Matthew’s passing, his mom, Lisa Burroughs, shared a couple of pictures of Matthew with his dad as a tribute to their son. 

On his Instagram, Matthew would share several pictures of him at race tracks. He would also share screenshots of him playing iRacing, the subscription-based online racing simulation video game. 

All and all Matthew was passionate about racing and especially writing about it. He was also one of the guys who had previously talked about why women are necessary to NASCAR and was an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. 

Tributes Pour In For Matthew Burroughs

Matthew Burroughs had connected with hundreds and thousands of people through his writing. His death came as a shock to many of his fans. 

On the Tehben website, where Matthew was a writer, his close friend shared a lengthy post detailing their journey. With the two starting at to Matthew joining him at Tehben, his close friend talked about Matthew and his various passions. 

Matthew Burroughs' Close Friend, Deb Nicole, Shared A Tribute Pose For Him On X
Matthew Burroughs’ Close Friend, Deb Nicole, Shared A Tribute Pose For Him On X (Source: Twitter/X)

One of Matthew’s close friends, Deb Nicole, also shared a post on X paying tribute to the writer. Deb wrote, “If it weren’t for Matthew, I would have never published a written work, we would never had the podcast, Chrissi and Deb would not be.”

She further wrote, “He believed in me, pushed me, and had my back no matter what. He was a catalyst for the entire last 3-4 years of my life, and I’ll never forget that.”

Several posts like these have been made for the man who contributed significantly to the racing community. Matthew was a huge part of the NASCAR community, and many have written he will be dearly missed. 

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