FSU Caden Ingram Obituary: Did He Die Of Drug Overdose?

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Caden Ingram Obituary!!! Florida State University lost one of its beloved members on Friday. Caden Ingram, a sophomore at FSU, was found dead, with the authorities suspecting overdose as his cause of death.  

The news has left friends and family of the deceased in utter shock. The family is still trying to accept the sad reality of losing their loved one and expects privacy during this mourning phase.

The William T. Dwyer High alumnus was a significant member of the Dwyer football and wrestling team before graduating in 2022.

Caden Ingram For His Former High School Team
Caden Ingram For His Former High School Team (Source: X)

Caden Ingram started his athletic career with the William T. Dwyer High School, participating in the school’s football and wrestling program.

As a linebacker, Ingram was pivotal for Dwyer’s defense in his final season. The late athlete had recorded 70 tackles, with 5.5 sacks, a forced fumble, recovery, safety, and a touchdown. 

Moreover, Ingram was a starter for all three years with the Panthers. In addition to that, he was one of the members of the Palm Beach Post’s All-Country roster. 

Furthermore, with promising skills, Ingram was included in ESPN’s Top 63 selection. 

Caden Ingram Obituary

Following the announcement of his unfortunate passing, many friends have taken to social media to send thoughts and prayers to Ingram and his grieving family. 

For many who knew Ingram, he was an endearing soul. He had a beautiful smile and knew how to spread it anytime he spoke to anyone. 

Friends And Family Set Up A GoFundMe
Friends And Family Set Up A GoFundMe (Source: GoFundMe)

Furthermore, he was charismatic, and he possessed warmth like no other. In the 20 years of his life, Ingram touched the lives of many around him. 

According to people close to Ingram, he could light up the whole room and would lift everyone’s energy the minute he walked into a room full of people. 

People close to Ingram have set up a GoFundMe page to help the family with funeral and memorial costs. 

Originally aiming to raise $20,000, the page has surpassed expectations, garnering an impressive $31,123 through the generous contributions of donors.

Remembering Ingram’s Legacy

There have been numerous messages of condolence to the deceased and his family. Ingram’s former teammates, coaches, and friends at Florida State University have all poured in with their heartfelt condolence.

Former Dwyer football coach McKinley Rolle took to X (formerly Twitter), “My heart hurts.” Ingram was the coach’s favorite, as the coach had praised him in 2020 for his impeccable mentality and focus to get better.

Florida State University Young Linebacker Passed Away
Florida State University Young Linebacker Passed Away (Source: X)

Moreover, Ingram’s ability to push those around him to be better versions of themselves left a lasting impression on his former coach, Rolle. 

Furthermore, Ingram’s ex-teammate and the Panthers’ football player, Mikail Lee, called him the funniest and the nicest kid he ever knew. 

He added, “Love ya brother never seen this day coming,” in a heart-wrenching post on Instagram. 

Additionally, Braxton Weiner, another former teammate, wrote on X, previously Twitter, “He’s incredibly respected by the younger kids. He treated them with so much respect and was always teaching them.”

Following the unfortunate incident, Dwyer High has offered counseling services to all students, staff, and coaches starting Monday.

The family has wished for privacy during this time of tragedy. The high school and university have further urged its students and staff members to honor the wishes of the family. 

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