Gable Steveson Brother Bobby Steveson- Parents And Family

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Gable Steveson, an American professional wrestler, has an elder brother, Bobbly Steveson.

Gable Dan Steveson walked on the path of two older brothers and became one of the renowned professional wrestlers.

With the support of his whole family, including his two brothers, Gable became the second gold medalist in wrestling to be signed by WWE after Kurt Angle.

Gable Steveson, A Professional Wrestler
Gable Steveson, A Professional Wrestler (Source: Instagram)

Gable Dan Steveson is an American professional wrestler currently signed with WWE.

Born on May 31, 2000, Gable had a lively childhood in Portage, Indiana.

In 2020, he was able to bag the gold medal for his country in Summer Olympics at a young age, marking one of the most remarkable moments in his life.

Steveson also won gold at NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championship in 2021 and 2022 during his time at the University of Minnesota.

With the determination to become one of the world champions in both freestyle and folkstyle wrestling, it’s sure that he will take WWE by storm and make all his fans proud to stan him.

Gable Steveson Brother: Bobby Steveson

Gable’s younger brother, Bobby Steveson, is an American professional wrestler who competes in the WWE on the NXT brand under the staged name Damon Kemp.

Born on March 20, 1999, the Minnesota native started his wrestling career at the University of Minnesota.

The former Golden Gopher wrestler made his WWE debut in 2021 and later changed his ring name to Damon Kemp.

Gable Steveson With His Brother, Bobby Steveson
Gable Steveson With His Brother, Bobby Steveson (Source: Instagram)

Bobby was a three-time state champion and a two-time junior folkstyle national champion during high school.

Similarly, during his collegiate years, he was a two-time letter winner and won his first two career open tournaments, the 2015 Cobber Open and the 2015 Buena Vista Open.

Besides Bobby, Gable had another elder brother named Johnathan Steveson. He was also into wrestling and showcased wrestling skills at the tender age of 8.

Among the three Steveson brothers, the eldest is John, Bobby is the middle one, and Gable is the youngest. 

Unfortunately, the eldest Steveson, Johnathan, is no more in the world.

Moreover, Gable mentions that he pursued a career in wrestling because of his brother John, and he wants to make his brother proud.

Gable Steveson Parents And Family

Gable Steveson is the son of Robert, a wrestler, and Laticia Steveson, a swimmer.

Reportedly, his mother, of African American ethnicity, named him Gable after the legendary US freestyle wrestler Dan Gable.

However, Gable is a very private person regarding his personal life and has shared very few details about his family.

Gable With His Girlfriend, Maddie Mitchell
Gable With His Girlfriend, Maddie Mitchell (Source: Instagram)

Besides, Steveson is dating Maddie Mitchell, a perfect lady known in the athlete world for being the accomplice of the professional wrestler.

Moreover, they are childhood sweethearts and have reportedly been dating since Gable was 15.

Gable Dan Steveson Controversy

In 2019, Gable Steveson and University of Minnesota wrestling teammate Dylan Martinez both were arrested for alleged sexual assault.

Steveson and Martinez allegedly raped a female who was later hospitalized for treatment.

Following the allegation, the university suspended both wrestlers from all team activities.

However, six months after Steveson’s arrest, he was proven to be innocent and did not face any criminal charges due to inadequate evidence.

With this decision, the university issued a statement declaring both athletes eligible to return to team activities.



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