Is Gary Lineker Jewish? Religion & Ethnicity

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Gary Lineker religion is unclear because he always criticizes one religion or the other.

However, he doesn’t hold any bias against any religion because he criticizes them equally.

Gary Lineker Posing For A Photoshoot Session
Gary Lineker Posing For A Photoshoot Session (Source: Instagram)

Gary Winston Lineker OBE was born on November 30, 1960. He is a former professional soccer player and English sports presenter.

Lineker is the only player in English history to have been the top goalscorer for three clubs: Leicester City, Everton, and Tottenham Hotspur.

He began his soccer career in 1978 with Leicester City and finished as the league’s equal-best goalscorer in 1984-85.

Lineker is England’s second-highest international goal scorer and the country’s fourth-highest scorer.

He began schooling at Caldecote Road School (Caldecote Juniors) in Braunstone, Leicester (east of the Meridian Centre).

Due to his choice of soccer over rugby, he attended the City of Leicester Boys’ Grammar School (now City of Leicester College) on Downing Drive in Evington.

Gary Lineker Religion 

It is tough to say if Gary Lineker is religious or not because we can see him criticizing religion a lot. 

We could pinpoint or assume a religion if he only criticizes one, but it seems he is going ballistic against all of them.

He was severely criticized for calling out Christianity as ‘bonkers religious stories’ on Easter Sunday itself. 

Lineker also added in a tweet saying that it was a broader culture of brainwashing. Furthermore, fans gave him a lot of heat after he threw inappropriate comments towards two Muslim players. 

Lineker claimed that the two players “ate grass” after scoring by kneeling and bowing their heads. It was obvious that it was the Islamic prayer position.

The viewers expressed outrage, but the football expert claimed he had no idea they were praying. He did apologize for it. 

Gary Lineker Doesn't Seem To Be A Religious Man
Gary Lineker Doesn’t Seem To Be A Religious Man (Source: Instagram)

Now Lineker is on the warpath against the Jews of Israel, calling Israel’s bombing of Gaza a “textbook genocide.”

He is even comparing Israel’s actions with the action of the Nazi Germany. The Jewish community is outraged, but Lineker says he will stand his ground. 

Lineker’s behavior has drawn not only criticism but also praise from fans who are atheists. Especially people who believe that religion is a facade. 

His Radical Political Views 

Lineker is well-known for his political opinions, which he expresses on Twitter. Vice News labeled him “the British Left’s Loudest Voice” in December 2016.

They said he was “both staunchly liberal and resolutely unafraid of making his views known.”

Gary Lineker Holding Up Bayern's Jersey
Gary Lineker Holding Up Bayern’s Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Lineker stated his ideological perspective: “I make more runs to the left than the right, but I’ve never felt comfortable on the wing.”

Lineker criticized the British government’s asylum policy on Twitter in March 2023.

On March 10, the BBC announced that Lineker would leave Match of the Day because “his recent social media activity was a violation of our guidelines.”

It said it had “decided Lineker will not present Match of the Day until there’s an agreed and clear position on his use of social media.”

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