Who Is George Foreman III Wife? Net Worth & Family

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George Foreman III maintains privacy regarding his personal life, leading to mystery about his wife and family.

Subsequently, coming from a high-profile family sparks media and fan intrigue in his private life.

American Boxer And Entrepreneur George Foreman III
American Boxer And Entrepreneur George Foreman III (Source: Craft Boxing)

Born on January 23, 1983, George Foreman III is an American entrepreneur, professional boxer, coach, and the founder of EverybodyFights.

He is the son of the renowned businessman and former two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman.

Who Is The Wife Of George Foreman III?

While George Foreman III is widely acknowledged as a prominent boxer, he has kept details about his personal and dating life private. Additionally, he has not disclosed much information in these areas.

Given his association with one of the most renowned families in sports, it’s only natural for curiosity to arise regarding his wife.

Perhaps he wants to keep those private stuff away from the media limelight. The ill effects of media scrutiny on the personal life of a well-known celebrity can be damaging.

The boxing media, especially, is notorious for its relentless coverage and scrutiny, often delving into the personal lives of fighters. This constant attention magnifies public curiosity about the off-ring aspects of boxers like George Foreman III.

George Foreman III Holds A 16-0 Fight Record
George Foreman III Holds A 16-0 Fight Record (Source: Eurosport)

Such a thing can affect the fighter and his family while bringing negative results in the ring.

Being a wise head, George chooses to live his life away from all the attention. Instead, he opts to focus on his work and career.

If his Instagram posts are anything to go by, he is an individual who is immersed in his craft. 

He frequently posts motivational videos, training clips, and fight moments on social media. This indicates his undivided attention and goal to succeed as a boxer.

To summarize, George Foreman III remains private regarding his personal life, opting to focus on hard work and training.

His Diverse Portfolio Boosts His Net Worth

To begin with, being a boxer, George Foreman III has also entered the realms of business, entrepreneurship, and coaching.

Although exact earnings from his boxing fights are unavailable, he holds a 16-0 career record. This impressive stat underscores his prowess, indicating big-fight paychecks.

He is the son of the iconic entrepreneur and former two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman Sr.

Besides serving as his father’s business manager for seven years, he has started his ventures.

He is the co-founder of Craft Boxing Club and Craft Boxing Academy. Craft Boxing Club was personally crafted by professional boxer George, focusing on boxing and fitness enthusiasts.

George Foreman III Is A Successful Entrepreneur
George Foreman III Is A Successful Entrepreneur (Source: Coveteur)

In addition, he is a keynote speaker of high demand. He charges more than $10,000 for his speeches, showing his worth in the job.

In 2013, George III established a series of high-end boxing fitness gyms named EverybodyFights, with branches in Boston, NYC, and Chicago.

By 2018, the company initiated a nationwide expansion plan, intending to open more than 30 additional locations by 2022.

Also in 2013, he authored his inaugural book, “The Fighting Spirit,” featuring his unique 12 Fight Laws.

Undoubtedly, he has proven himself to be a versatile personality, achieving success in diverse fields.

We can estimate the net worth of George Foreman III to be around the $5 million mark.

A successful career as a fighter and profitable ventures into the business world has caused his fortune to be in the millions.

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