George Helow Wikipedia: Ex-Michigan Assistant Coach Age, Family & Net Worth

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George Helow Wikipedia: The former Michigan assistant coach is in the spotlight amid speculations about his potential move to Alabama.

As the news has garnered attention, NFL enthusiasts are eager to delve into George Helow’s life beyond the gridiron, particularly considering his absence of a dedicated Wikipedia page.

In the following article, we aim to furnish you with comprehensive details about Helow, akin to a Wikipedia page format, ensuring you thoroughly understand his background and career.

George Helow, Back In The Days, When He Played Collegiate Football For Ole Miss
George Helow, Back In The Days, When He Played Collegiate Football For Ole Miss (Source: Instagram)

George Helow, a former Assistant Coach for Michigan Wolverine Football, joined the program on January 19, 2021.

Having completed his second season as the linebackers coach in 2022, Helow decided, in mutual agreement with the Wolverines, to pursue new opportunities in his career as 2023 commenced, parting ways in April.

Recently, rumors have been circulating online that Alabama football is set to bring George Helow on board as part of their coaching staff.

George Helow Wikipedia: Age & Family

Born in 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida, George Helow marks his birthday on January 6 and is 37 Years Old.

The Helow family story is steeped in lasting love, as his parents celebrated their marriage in December 1958, gracefully surpassing six decades of togetherness.

While George’s mother is known by the name Julie Helow, his father’s identity remains discreet, with only the hint that his name begins with the initial ‘J.’

George Helow And His Extended Family
George Helow And His Extended Family (Source: Instagram)

The Helow family extends beyond the core unit, encompassing more than 10 members.

Among them are Matthew, Katie, Clare, John, Luke, Katherine, Betsy, Peter, and Paul, forming a close-knit and expansive family.

Education & Football Odyssey

George Helow’s football journey traces back to his high school days at Bishop Kenny High School, where he first honed his skills on the field.

Following his time at Bishop Kenny, he continued his athletic and academic pursuits at Hargrave Military Academy Prep School in Chatham, Virginia.

Upon graduating from Ole Miss with a business degree in marketing, Helow returned to his roots, joining the coaching staff at his alma mater, Bishop Kenny.

Collaborating with his younger brother Peter, he brought his wealth of experience back to the institution, which played a pivotal role in his formative years.

George Helow Was The Michigan Wolverines Assisstant Coach Until April 2023
George Helow Was The Michigan Wolverines Assistant Coach Until April 2023 (Source: Instagram)

While at Ole Miss, Helow excelled on the football field and enriched his educational portfolio by earning a master’s degree in adult education during his tenure at Georgia.

His collegiate playing career at the University of Mississippi spanned from 2006 to 2010.

After a redshirt year in 2006, Helow made his mark on the field, debuting against Louisiana Tech in 2007.

Over the subsequent three seasons, he demonstrated his prowess in all 38 games for Ole Miss, contributing to memorable victories, including consecutive Cotton Bowl triumphs in 2009 and 2010.

George Helow’s Coaching Journey & Net Worth

Helow’s coaching journey unfolds as a dynamic narrative, reflecting his versatility and dedication to the sport.

Starting as a defensive intern at Alabama in 2012, he laid the groundwork for a career marked by progression and impact.

Helow’s time at Florida State in 2013 as a defensive graduate assistant set the stage for his future roles.

The following years saw him contributing to Georgia’s defensive strategies, specifically focusing on the safeties from 2014 to 2015.

His coaching insight grew as he transitioned to Colorado State, where he served as a graduate assistant with responsibilities spanning linebackers and defensive quality control from 2016 to 2017.

This experience paved the way for his subsequent role as the safeties coach at Colorado State from 2018 to 2019.

In 2020, Helow took on the dual responsibilities of special teams coordinator and inside linebackers coach at Maryland.

Helow During His Time With The Michigan Wolverines
George Helow During His Time With The Michigan Wolverines (Source: Instagram)

The latest chapter in Helow’s coaching journey unfolded at Michigan in 2021, where he took on the role of LB coach and assistant coach.

Talking about his finances, in 2021, Helow’s total pay amounted to $505,000, with a scheduled school pay matching that figure.

The absence of pandemic-related reductions reflects stability in his earnings, and he had the potential for a maximum bonus of $175,000.

Moving to the 2022 season, Helow had a total pay of $500,000, aligning with the scheduled school pay.

This contract year also had the potential for a $175,000 maximum bonus.

So, considering this, George Helow’s net worth is expected to be thousands of dollars.

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