Dane Fife New Job: Where Is The Former IU Assistant Coach Now?

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Former basketball player turned coach Dane Fife reportedly left the Michigan State to join the Indiana Hosiers as their assistant coach in 2021.

However, the Hoosiers team management fired him just after a season and did not show any interest in retaining him. 

Even though Dane was not successful as a professional player, he gained widespread recognition as an assistant coach for the Spartans for around a decade.

Since leaving in 2022, Fife has kept a low profile. Curious about his whereabouts? Explore this article for updates!

Former American Collegiate Basketball Coach Dane Fife
American Collegiate Basketball Coach Dane Fife (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Dane Fife is a former American collegiate basketball player turned coach.

Originally from Clarkston, Michigan, Fife started taking an interest in football and basketball very early, but he eventually chose to pursue a basketball career.

Dane was a part of his school’s basketball and football teams when he attended Clarkston High School in the nineties. The son of a basketball coach, Dane was coached by his own dad when he was a kid.

After graduating, Fife enrolled in the Indiana University Bloomington where he played collegiate basketball under the head coach Bob Knight. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in recreation in 2002.

Dane Fife New Job: Where Is The Former IU Assistant Coach Now?

The former collegiate coach Dane Fife remained low profile since he ended his brief stint with the Indiana Hoosiers in 2022.

Although the sports media widely discussed Dane’s return to the Hoosiers coaching staff, the head coach Mike Woodson later clarified that they would not retain Fife.

Following that, the former Hosiers athlete turned coach remained away from the media for several months.

Dane Fife Worked As An Assistant Coach For The Hoosiers For A Year Until 2022
Dane Fife Worked As An Assistant Coach For The Hoosiers For A Year Until 2022 (Source: The Only Colors)

In December 2022, however, The Daily Hoosier reported that he joined the television as a college basketball color commentator.

Later, in January 2023, Fife debuted with BTN’s Kevin Kugler in the Michigan State vs. Buffalo match.

Although the possibility of him resuming his job as an assistant coach at Indiana has ended, he still supports the Hoosiers. 

Prior to Michigan State and the Hoosiers, Dane was the head coach for the Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons for almost six years. 

Dane Is The Son Of A Former MLB Player

The celebrated collegiate basketball coach Dane Fife is the son of a former professional basketball player, Danny Fife.

Danny played pitcher for the Minnesota Twins in the MLB in 1973 and 1974. Hailing from Harrisburg, Illinois, he spent his early years with his family in Michigan and attended Clarkston High School.

Aside from baseball, Fife also played basketball for his school team. He played basketball and baseball at the University of Michigan, serving as the basketball captain in his senior year.

Dane Fife's Dad Danny
Dane Fife’s Dad, Danny (Source: Clarkston News)

Even though the Milwaukee Bucks picked him in the 1971 NBA draft, Danny chose to pursue a professional baseball career as the Detroit Lions picked him the same year. 

After retiring early from his baseball career, Fife returned to the University of Michigan as their assistant basketball coach. He later served as the basketball head coach at Clarkston High School.

Fife retired from his coaching career in 2018 as one of the most successful high school coaches in Michigan. Consequently, he was inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 2019.

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