George Koonce Son Trey Koonce Is A Basketball Player

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George Koonce has a son named Trey Koonce, a former basketball player. However, his social media profile suggests that he has left professional sports. 

Trey prefers a private life away from social media, which makes it hard to pinpoint what he does for a living.

However, his LinkedIn profile suggests that he has chosen a life away from basketball and has a career in sales. 

Former Linebacker George Koonce
Former Linebacker George Koonce (Source: WQXR)

George Koonce, born on October 15, 1968, is a former linebacker in the National Football League. Additionally, he was the athletic director for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2009 and 2010.

Koonce started his NFL career after signing as an undrafted free agent with the Atlanta Falcons. However, following a few mild performances, the linebacker signed with the Green Bay Packers before the start of the 1992 season.

With the Packers, Koonce celebrated the most successful spells of his career. As the starting linebacker for the Packers for eight straight years, he started in 102 of the 112 games.  

Moreover, he was one of the key players that helped the Packers return to dominance in the ’90s. Further, he was also the linebacker for the Packers when they won the Super Bowl XXXI.

Koonce retired from professional football following the 2000 season. He boasts 720 tackles, nine sacks, and five interceptions in 128 games.

Does Trey Koonce Play Basketball? 

Trey Koonce, son of George Koonce, played basketball at the collegiate level for the Palm Beach Atlantic University.

He finished high school at the First Baptist Academy and was on the boy’s basketball team. Additionally, he was selected for the All-Area listing for the Varsity Basketball team.

George Koonce's Son Trey Koonce
George Koonce’s Son Trey Koonce (Source: Palm Beach Atlantic University)

After joining the Palm Beach Atlantic University, he appeared in 19 games as a freshman.

As a sophomore, he played in 25 games but made just one start for the team. The forward managed 2.2 points per game while averaging 1.7 rebounds per game. 

However, the athlete appears to have built a life away from sports. With a major in Business Management, it is no surprise that the former basketball forward chose a career in sales.

His LinkedIn profile mentions that he started working in sales in 2018 as an intern for Corrugated Replacements Inc.

After finishing his internship, Trey joined Advantage Solutions in 2019 as a Sales Associate. In three years, he rose to the position of Associate Business Development Manager.

The former basketball forward has been working as a Senior Sales Analyst for the Clorox Company since June 2022.

George Koonce: Where Is He Now?

After he retired from professional football, National Junior College listed Koonce in the Hall of Fame in 2000. Additionally, he was inducted into the East Carolin University Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, he founded the George Koonce Sr. Foundation, which seeks to provide educational, athletic, artistic, and social opportunities to underprivileged children.

George Koonce Giving A Speech At An Event In Marian University
George Koonce Giving A Speech At An Event At Marian University (Source: Marian University)

With his priority on education and academics, the former linebacker got his Master’s degree in Sports Management from East Carolina University.

Furthermore, he earned a Ph.D. from Marquette University, making him one of the only two Green Bay Packers players with a Ph.D.

Koonce believes that most NFL careers have a career span of about three and a half years. Thus, he is a firm believer and stresses the need for athletes to continue their education.

In that regard, Koonce co-authored a book, “Is There Life After Football? – Surviving NFL”, which garnered him widespread appreciation. 

Moreover, the former linebacker also has an acute eye for the arts. He reportedly has a collection of prints and originals by Jonathan Green, who specializes in South Carolina’s Gullah culture.

Currently, he is the Senior Vice President of the Office of University Relations at Marian University in Wisconsin, where he aims to increase philanthropic support within the region.

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