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Gillian Turner,  a full-time Fox News Network correspondent, is a charming and witty American journalist known for hosting some of the popular news programs: Outnumbered, MediaBuzz, Fox and Friends, etc., and reporting on day-to-day programs that spread awareness among the people.

The Master’s degree holder from the University of Capetown, South Africa, She is best known for serving as the National Security Council Staffer as a Research Assistant during George W. Bush’s Presidency.

And under Barack Obama’s administration, Turner served the Legislature Affairs under National Security Council as the  Acting Director.

The National Security Council also granted Gillian the Outstanding Service Award.

Besides working in the FOX news network, Gillian was a Senior Associate at Jones Group International, a global strategy company.

The witty Journalist also excelled in her academics at Columbia University and was awarded the “Academic Excellence” accolade.

Interestingly, Former US President Donald Trump, over the border wall negotiations, attacked Fox News and its Correspondent-Gillian Turner over their “understanding” of the issue.

However, Trump accidentally mentioned a Twitter account of Jillian Turner-a teenager from California, to vent out his anger. 

Of course, Trump deleted that tweet later! (and reposted again!).

Recognized as the 50 most beautiful women byThe Hill” in 2016, Turner is a beauty on and off-screen. 

Gillian Turner age
Gillian Turner, a Fox News correspondent (Source: Instagram)

Today, we will go through her childhood and family. Not to mention, Gillian’s personal life is a mystery as we speak. Let’s get to know about this multitalented beauty with the brain in detail.

Gillian Turner: Quick Facts

Full Name Gillian Turner
Birth Date September 6th, 1982
Birth Place Cape Town, South Africa
Alias Gillian Turner
Religion Jewish
Nationality American-South African
Ethnicity White
University Columbia University, University of Cape Town
School High School, South Africa
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name  Unknown
Siblings  N/A
Age 41
Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight 56 kgs (123 lbs)
Build Slender
Profession News Correspondent, Journalists
Active years 2006- present
Affiliation FOX News
Net Worth $1.5 million
Salary $300k
Marital Status Engaged
Fiancé Alex Kramer
Children Coco Rose Kramer
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update February, 2024

How old is Gillian Turner?- Age and Body Measurements

The beautiful and talented news correspondent, Gillian Turner, was born in 1982, making her 41 years old as of 2022.

Not to mention, the FOX News correspondent celebrates her birthday every year on September 6th

Likewise, it also makes her sun sign a Virgo, the sign known for being a perfectionist, logical, and level-headed.

Aside from honing her intellect and skills, Gillian is often praised for her beauty. The timeless beauty has stunning light brown eyes and long wavy dark brown hair.

Not to mention, she has got slender figure measuring 36-25-35 inches, almost giving her an hourglass shape.

Also, Gillian is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs around 56 kg (123 lbs). Moreover, Turner was named one of the 50 most beautiful ladies in 2016.

Childhood, Parents, and Ethnicity

The current FOX News correspondent, Gillian Turner, was born to her parents outside America. She spent most of her childhood in Cape Town, South Africa, and the rest of New York City, the United States of America.

Gillian Turner Family
Gillian Turner Family (Source: Internet)

Likewise, Gillian was raised alongside her siblings, whom we don’t know enough of. In fact, the same is the case with her parents; neither their names nor whereabouts are known.

But some sources claim that her mother is an author. Before making her name as a journalist, Turner trained her whole life as a ballet dancer. From the age of eight, she performed at the Pennsylvania Ballet. 

Similarly, Turner is an American citizen and belongs to white ethnic background.

Gillian Turner’s Education

Talking about her education, Gillian decided to pursue her career as a journalist after completing her high school education.

Upon enrollment, she went to Columbia University, where she graduated cum Claude with a Bachelor’s degree in comparative politics.

Likewise, Turner continued her higher education at the University of Cape Town. From there, she acquired a Master’s degree in African security studies.

Because of her accomplishments as a student, Gillian received an American politics award and an award for Academic Excellence from Vidda. Moreover, the young Turner was named a Sharp Fellow at Columbia University.

Early Career and Beginnings

Brilliant during her university days, Gillian was destined to make it big in her career. Aside from her passion, it was her academics that helped her climb the success ladder.

After completing her education at the University of Cape Town, Turner returned to the states and immediately joined the Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives.

Similarly, right after that, she spent some time working with the Albright Group, LLC, and then at the US Department of State in the Bureau of Democracy for Human Rights and Labor.

Gillian Turner Fox News
Gillian Turner is a correspondent for Fox News. (Source: Fox News)

Likewise, in 2006, Gillian was hired by the White House National Security Council and served four years. She mainly served during George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s presidencies.

Mainly during Obama’s presidency, Gillian worked as Acting Director of Legislative Affairs.

She was also in charge of collaboration between the White House and the House of Representatives on various issues such as national security and foreign policy, gaining considerable experience.

Besides that, Gillian served as a Research Assistant in the National Security Council Advisor’s Office; and eventually led her to foreign policy visits traveling worldwide between 2006 and 2009. 

With time, Turner became the youngest person to win the National Security Council contribution Outstanding Service Award. Sadly, despite being qualified, Gillian left her position in 2010.

Professional Career- Fox News and Networks

Indeed, Gillian leaving her position at the White House was daunting, but she was sure about her future and what she wanted to do.

In 2014, she began her new career as a journalist and became part of the Fox Network. She started as a contributor, where she covered various stories related to high-profile officials in Washington DC.

Thanks to her work and effort, just three years later, Turner filled the full-time news correspondent position for Fox News.

Likewise, she appeared on television programs such as America’s Newsroom, Fox & Friends, Fox News Sunday, and The Five, where she gave her expert opinions.

Talking further about her, Gillian is also the Vice President and Senior Associate of Jones Group International, a strategy company.

Likewise, it is working alongside the former National Security Adviser, Jim Jones.

Not to mention, Turner uses all of her past experiences and consults her clients regarding national security, foreign policy, and international affairs, mainly focusing on the Middle East and Africa.

Gillian Turner, optimistic about COVID

As a matter of fact, Gillian Turner tested positive for the novel coronavirus, which she revealed way later in the day.

Also, she later revealed that she took extra precautions with the former State Department official. 

“I myself had COVID, and I am fully recovered, and it was a blessedly mild case, but my doctors were not ever effectively able to figure out how I contracted it. I wore masks all the time. Also, I stayed away from other people indoors and somehow managed to contract it anyway.”
-Gillian Turner

Is Gillian Turner married? Who is her fiance?

As Gillian’s would-be husband, Alex Kramer is her long-term partner and her child’s father. As a couple, they first took a step forward when they became engaged in 2016. Now is blessed with a baby.

A newborn in the house: Know about the child.

Her long-term partner and child’s father, Alex Kramer, is Gillian’s would-be husband. Getting engaged in 2016 was the couple’s first step. Her daughter was born on August 17th, 2021. The newborn’s name is Coco Rose Kramer, and it’s their firstborn.

The same is the case with her personal life as well. Already in her 30s, Gillian seems to be planning her way into a relationship. Shy and reserved, Turner is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Alex Kramer.

Gillian Turner Fiance
Gillian Turner Fiance (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, they had their engagement in 2016. Four years have passed, and still, they have made no plans to tie the knot just yet.

Nonetheless, it is evident that the two are genuinely in love and live blissful life in Washington, D.C. However, Turner has not so many posts regarding her fiance.

According to the sources, her fiance, Alex, is the Vice President, Design/UX Leader at Optoro.

Likewise, in July 2021, Gillian announced her Pregnancy through her social media handle. Moreover, the couple was blessed with a baby boy on July 17th, 2021.

Apparently, they are seen happy together with the new baby, and it is also known that the duo attended a mutual friend’s wedding together.

Gillian Turner and Alex Kramer with their newly born ( Source: Instagram)
Gillian Turner and Alex Kramer with their newly born (Source: Instagram)

Net Worth and Income- How much does Gillian Turner earn in a year?

Former White House consultant and current Fox news correspondent, there is no doubt that her resume is filled with viable credits and scopes. Thanks to it, her net worth has increased significantly and undoubtedly.

Likewise, as of 2020, Gillian’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. Also, the 41-year-old Turner’s yearly salary turns out to be $300,000.

We are when looking closer, and her income will amount to something more than this.

However, being reserved as always, Gillian has not revealed her exact income and assets to the public to be seen.

Net Worth of Gillian Turner in Different Currencies

Here is the net worth of Gillian Turner in different currencies, including the Euro and Pound.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 875,500 
Pound Sterling £744,035 
Australian Dollar A$1,358,124 
Canadian Dollar C$1,251,575 
Indian Rupee 74,372,900 
BitCoin ฿16 

Social Media Presence

Twitter handle–  76.7k Followers

Instagram – 43.6k Followers

Some FAQs

Are Gillian Turner and Jillian Mele Friends?

No, they are not friends, according to the front news. Former sports reporter Jillian Mele grew up in Glenside, Pennsylvania, and is a co-host of Fox & Friends First.

What happened between Gillian Turner and Kyle Rittenhouse?

Recently in November 2021, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of murder, where he shot and killed two protesters in Kenosha, Wisc. Most politicians and media figures praised him and even offered him a congressional internship. 

For the same incident, Gillian stated that Kyle is not a hero, nor has he gained any victory lap. 

When was the baby born? 

This serene Turner match of Gillian and Kramer welcomed their firstborn on July 17th, 2021. 

what is the baby’s name?

This happily engaged duo chose the prettiest name of all for their newborn, which is ‘Coco Rose Kramer,’ as they posted on Twitter online.

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  1. I’ve been looking for time and place to compliment Gilliam Turner as a Fox reporter I’ve come to think is one of the best if not the top. She has a reserved personality but can “take over” when the time is right. Gillian, I hope you receive this note from a 93 yr old Lancaster area, Pennsylvania guy. At my age I can express admiration w/out a “hidden agenda.” As I type you are reviewing the past president’s speech.
    Gillain, I have been with my late wife to S. Africa in the interest of planning “Friendship Force” exchanges, which in fact did take place. We thoroughly enjoyed our brief time in S. Africa(it was before apartheid lifted).
    We visited friends in Durban (hot there), of course Pretoria first….there for Int’l conf of Rotary Club of which I was a delegate from Lancaster, PA In perhaps 1980. In the extreme south of S.A. (why can’t I think of the name?) we were entertained by friends who had a business to take care of out of the area, so Anne and I enjoyed the keys to their house, swimming pool etc. We made many friends, black, colored and white. OK, don’t wish to bore you but wanted express my “take” on where you’re from.

  2. Gillian Turner’s mother is Rachel Isadora, an author and illustrator of children”s books and a former dancer with the Boston ballet.

  3. I am sorry, but this reporter is unwatchable.
    She always sounds like she has cotton in her mouth. Her intelligence is
    questionable since many of her comments are simplistic and she often looks annoyed or mad
    when conversing with other female reported on Fox.


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