Gregg Popovich Remembers His Wife Erin Popovich

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Gregg Popovich wife, Erin Popovich, had a deep impact on the Spurs family. The coach still remembers his wife of over 40 years.

As Gregg has a reputation for being confrontational with the media, Erin was the balance that he needed. She would reprimand him for being disenchanting to the media.

A driving factor behind her husband’s success in basketball, Erin served as the link that helped him land the post of head coach.

Popovich signed a 5-year contract extension with the Spurs on July 8, 2023. 

Gregg Popovich
Gregg Popovich (Source: USA TODAY NETWORK)

Gregg Charles Popovich is a professional basketball coach who is the president and head coach for the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA.

Famously known as “Coach Pop” in the basketball world, Popovich is regarded as one of the greatest coaches in NBA history.

Popovich is the longest-tenured active coach in the NBA as well as all other major sports leagues in the United States. He took over as coach of the Spurs in 1996.

Since taking over the duty, he has been a five-time NBA champion, three-time NBA Coach of the Year, and four-time NBA All-Star Game head coach.

At the 2020 Summer Olympics, the U.S. national team head coach, Popovich, led the team to a gold medal.

Gregg Popovich Wife: Erin Popovich

Erin Popovich, the late wife of Gregg Popovich, was born on January 5, 1951. Erin’s father, Jim Conboy, was an Air Force Academy athletic trainer.

The Colorado Springs native had rigorous schooling. She always had her father’s support growing up.

A Colorado State University graduate, Erin Popovich grew up in an Air Force family. 

Although Erin was a full-time housewife and mother, she was active in the San Antonio Food Bank’s activities. 

Not only she donated generously but also made contributions to the Innocence Project, partnering with her husband, Gregg.

Even after her death, donations were made in her name to the ThriveWell Cancer Foundation and the CHEST Foundation. It reminded her devotion to charity.

Gregg And Erin Pictured in 2007
Gregg And Erin Pictured In 2007 (Source:

Erin and Gregg’s love story began when they met in the 60s. However, they didn’t get serious until the 1970s. 

Eventually, the couple walked down the aisle in El Paso, Texas, on 10 October 1976. Gregg worked as an assistant coach at the Air Force Academy from 1973 to 1979. 

The pair were married for four decades and had two children, Jill and Mickey, as well as two grandchildren.

Her older son, Micky, was born in 1977, while Jill, the younger of the two, was born in 1979. 

The couple lived a wonderful life and one of the sweetest marriages. Many say that the couple lived up to the motto of “Till death do us part.”

Erin Popovich Demise

Erin Popovich’s untimely death was a tragic one. A strong, wonderful, kind, and intelligent woman, Erin had touched the lives of many.

The wife of the San Antonio Spurs head coach died on April 18th, 2018. She was 67 and had been battling a respiratory illness for an extended period. 

Picture Of Gregg Popovich And Wife Erin From A Spurs Calender
Picture Of Gregg Popovich And Wife Erin From A Spurs Calender (Source: Twitter)

Even though Erin fought severe illness for years, only a few people in the family’s inner circle were aware of her deteriorating health.

The illness kept her from attending many events with her husband. Albeit, she used to visit the games whenever she felt better.

Popovich is one of the most admired men in the NBA. The whole NBA family supported him and got his back through his hard time.

There’s an outpouring of support and grief from everybody around the league. Many of the game’s great showed remorse for Erin’s demise, like Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

The last memory Popovich has of his late wife is of a strong woman who had been very courageous in her battle. 

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