Has Jeff Goodman Been Fired? Leaked Message Trends On Twitter

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Jeff Goodman hasn’t been fired, and Rob Dauster has confirmed it. Goodman’s DM’s to the creator of the documentary Divine Providence has caused a stir on social media platforms. 

Jeff Goodman being fired was first reported by Simon Charles, but this claim has been refuted by Goodman’s co-worker Dauster. The entire controversy began when the documentary “Divine Providence” hit the internet. 

The Longtime College Basketball Insider Jeff Goodman Doesn't Have The Internet On His Side
The Longtime College Basketball Insider Jeff Goodman Doesn’t Have The Internet On His Side (Source: Twitter)

And who would’ve thought Jeff Goodman and the former Providence coach Ed Cooley were such good friends that Goodman would send threats to an X (formerly Twitter) user for it?

The creator of the documentary BlueDemonDegen has said he doesn’t endorse any opinion over another and tried showing how people around Cooley’s departure felt, more specifically in Providence.

Has Jeff Goodman Been Fired? Has Friendship With Ed Cooley Cost Him?

The basketball analyst Jeff Goodman being fired has caused the internet to go into a meltdown. However, as per Rob Dauster, Goodman’s job is intact. 

On January 29, Dauster hopped into X to inform fans that Goodman hadn’t been fired despite rumors of him losing his job becoming a trending topic on the platform. 

Jeff Goodman Hasn't Been Fired From His Position Despite The Ongoing Rumors
Jeff Goodman Hasn’t Been Fired From His Position Despite The Ongoing Rumors (Source: Twitter)

The entire fiasco began when a documentary called Divine Providence hit YouTube. The documentary’s trailer was published last month by “Big East Films,” which focused on each of the conference’s 11 men’s basketball programs. 

An X user, “BlueDemonDegen,” claimed responsibility for the series. And soon after the series started getting attention, Jeff Goodman sent threats to BlueDemonDegen. 

But why did Jeff Goodman have a problem with the series? The biggest reason is because of the former Providence coach Ed Cooley’s portrait in the series, and Jeff happens to be best buddies with Cooley.

Ed Cooley’s Role In The Current Situation

In the documentary, the former Providence head coach is likened to Adolf Hitler, and they have said Coach Cooley had an extra-marital affair during his time with Providence.

When Cooley left Providence last year in March, it was huge news. When asked why he left, Cooley said, “When I did a deep dive of what’s important — I always said yes to everybody, and I said no to Ed. Coach Cooley did everything, but Ed needed a change.”

Coach Cooley also added that his family played a role, with his daughter, Olivia, graduating from Georgetown. But right at the same time, rumors started flying around on X on why Cooley left for Georgetown. 

One X user wrote, “Cooley cheated on his wife, and she gave him the choice. Get a divorce and stay in Providence, or get away from the mistress. Been confirmed, and it explains his irritational behavior over the past three weeks.”

Another user quoted the tweet and wrote, “I talked to a bunch of my friends around the program, and they confirmed the tweet below.

Coach Cooley was notoriously known for cheating on his wife with multiple women. He got caught with his mistress last year when his car broke down.”

What Messages Did Jeff Goodman Sent?

On January 29, the X user, BlueDemonDegen, publicized the DM’s sent by Jeff Goodman to him.

The Blue Demon wrote, “The Field of 68 guys *really” didn’t like it. Here’s what @GoomanHoops DM’ed me after it came out. Nice threats, man.”

In the screenshots shared by The Blue Demon, Jeff Goodman wrote, “Told you will be getting sued.” 

The Blue Demon replied, “Is your source Rob Dauster?” Goodman then writes, “Nah. My source is damn good though.” 

The Messages Sent By Jeff Goodman To BlueDemonDegen Over The Documentary
The Messages Sent By Jeff Goodman To BlueDemonDegen Over The Documentary (Source: Twitter)

“You honestly might lose a lot of money for this. I don’t think you will serve time though.” Goodman then writes, “How do you look in orange?” 

Now, you see, this comment has taken X by storm, with many basketball fans calling it cringe. Rob Dauster, the other co-founder of The Field of 68 shares the same sentiment as Goodman. 

Rob wrote, “You should be more focused on hiring an attorney tbh.”

Not surprisingly, several basketball fans on X and Reddit have sided with BlueDemonDegen. Is it because they loved the documentary or hate Jeff Goodman a lot is quite balanced. 

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