Has Novak Djokovic Lost Weight? Diet And Workout Routine Revealed

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Has Novak Djokovic lost weight with his life-changing plant-based diet & workout regime to stay fit?

The Serbian player, Novak Djokovic, is currently ranked world No. 1 in singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

Novak’s focus is on mindful eating as much as it’s on the workout, which carries stretching exercises.

It is followed by full-fledged matches, and his on-court intense practice by either extending the duration or incorporating more difficult variations of tennis drills.

Novak Loves Organic
Novak Loves Organic (Source: Pinterest)

Did Novak hence just again prove, we are what we eat, through his mindful eating, which gave him lively inner peace?

Without further due let’s dive into the cruelty-free and environment-friendly plant-based food recipes of Novak.

Revealing The Workout Secrets Of Novak Djokovic

As said fame tends to corrupt and absolute fame corrupts absolutely, but it wasn’t the case with Novak Djokovic.

The Siberian player, Novak has always aimed to be disciplined with everything to stay in the winning mindset.

Djokovic has sacrificed extremely in the pursuit of physical excellence which he has mentioned in his book “Serve to Win.”

Novak’s morning routine is 20 minutes of yoga or tai chi, after that, he eats a gluten-free breakfast.

His diet is mostly based on vegetables, beans, white meat, fish, fruit, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, lentils, and healthy oils.

He always prays before the meal for mindful eating and drinks a glass of water after waking up.

Djokovic Documentary “Game Changer”

Novak was in the Netflix documentary “Game Changer,” which will turn your perception of a plant-based diet.

Not only that the documentary is also featuring high-profile personalities like Jackie Chan and Lewis Hamilton with a sustainable plant-based lifestyle.

Novak Game Changer
Novak Game Changer, Documentary (Source: Pinterest)

The Game Changer plan refutes the whole idea of meat consumption and physical strength by following a combative instructor for the US military and a former UFC fighter.

It claims scientific proof of the increase of numerous health diseases because of meat consumption.

Therefore it produces, plant-based recipes like sweet potato nachos, BBQ chickpea and carrot sliders, and tempeh cauliflower potato curry. 

Novak Experiments With Eating

In an Instagram series of ‘Conscious Living’, Novak talked with countryman Dr. Dragan Ivanov about the benefits of healthy eating.

A respected Professor, Dr. Dragan Ivanov, a specialist in internal medicine taught Novak about the food that is best for their brain, and how breakfast is the important meal of the day.

Novak revealed his starving habit, a process called ‘autophagy’, which resulted in an improved digestive system, sleep, and more energy during the day.

Japanese Nobel laureate Yoshinori Oshumi has medically proved, autophagy has a healing effect on the individual, with the body starts consuming its tissue for metabolism.

Novak made several changes in his eating habits which were mainly for better health benefits and mental peace and not exactly to lose weight.

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