Who is Katiucia Castroneves? IndyCar Driver Helio Castroneves Sister

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A Brazilian auto racing driver, Helio Castroneves has an elder sister Katiucia Castroneves who is also his business manager. 

Helio drives the No. 06 Dallara Honda for Meyer Shank Racing in the IndyCar Series.

Born on May 10, 1975, Helio currently hosts a show called “100 Days to Indy”. 

He loved motorsports as a kid and observed his father’s minor stock car team race on weekends.

Hélio Castroneves
Hélio Castroneves (Source: Instagram)

Knowing Helio loved racing, his father gifted him a kid-sized motorized car and later enrolled him in Karting State Championship in Sao Paulo. 

During his teenage years, Castroneves won the 1989 Brazilian National Go-Kart Championship and subsequently moved on to Formula Three auto racing in Europe in 1994.

Later he started his Indy Racing League career in 2001, driving Penske’s No. 68 Dallara IK-01-Oldsmobile car. There he won his first Indy 500 in his first attempt in 2001. 

Helio Castroneves Sister: Katiucia Castroneves

Helio Castroneves and his sister Katiucia Castroneves were born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Sandra Avles and Helio Castroneves Sr. 

The father of Helio was an auto dealer and had his own stock car racing team, while his mother was a school teacher. 

Helio showed interest in racing from a very young age. His father always supported his choices; however, his mother disliked dangerous sports such as racing and urged him to focus more on his studies. 

Hélio Castroneves And Katiucia Castroneves
Hélio Castroneves And Katiucia Castroneves (Source: Theledger)

Castroneves’s family was having a great life until Helio and his sister were charged with allegedly scheming to evade taxes between 1999 and 2004. 

The 48 years old Helio, his 50 years old sister Katiucia/his manager, and Michigan sports attorney Alan R were acquitted of six U.S tax evasion. Both siblings failed to pay taxes on $5.5 million in income in 2009. 

However, Federal Jury found Helio and Katiucia not guilty. The jury was not able to decide the single charge of tax evasion. 

The trial ended with closing arguments on 10 April 2009, and on 22 May, prosecutors dropped the remaining conspiracy charge against the sibling.


IndyCar driver Helio Castroneves is not married. However, he is happily engaged to his long-term partner Adriana Heano. 

They have been together since the mid-2000s and have a beautiful daughter, Mikaella Castroneves, who was born on December 28, 2009. 

Helio Castoneves’s wife, Adrianna, runs her own business and is also a Zumba instructor.

Also, a marathon runner, Adrianna, competed in the New York City Marathon.

Hélio Castroneves's Family
Hélio Castroneves’s Family (Source: Instagram)

Adrianna as a fitness instructor often posts photos on her social media about fitness and healthy diet.

Helio has expressed his partner’s commitment and dedication to her training. Having said that, it appears the pair is very supportive of each other’s careers. 

On the other hand, the family also owns a pajama business called Plumah, where their daughter designs pajamas herself.

The brand aims to help children explore, create and realize different ideas.

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