What Is Howie Roseman Net Worth? Contract, Salary And Income 2023

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Howard Roseman, born on June 23, 1975, in Brooklyn, New York City, United States, has an estimated net worth between $3 million to $5 million.

Despite his success, he remains grounded and stays focused on his work.

 Howie Roseman in a game
Howie Roseman In A Game (Source: Philadelphia Magazine)

Howard Roseman is the executive vice president and general manager for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL).

Raised in New Jersey, he graduated from Marlboro High School with a passion for football from an early age.

Roseman initiated his football career in high school by reaching out to every NFL team. Eventually, he connected with Mike Tannenbaum, the pro personnel director of the New York Jets.

In 2000, Roseman joined the Philadelphia Eagles as an intern, specializing in salary cap issues.

He assumed roles like director of football administration (2003) and vice president of football administration (2006) before being appointed as the Eagles’ general manager on January 29, 2010, succeeding Tom Heckert.

After serving from 2010 to 2014 as general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, Roseman became Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

Net Worth Of Howie Roseman

Howie Roseman is the esteemed Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL, and his estimated net worth is between $3 million- $5 million.

His journey with the team began in 2000 when he was hired as an intern focusing on salary cap issues. Over the years, Roseman ascended through various administrative and executive roles.

Without a doubt, his primary source of income stems from his role as a sports executive.

Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman
Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman (Source: Wasserman)

Moreover, he agreed to a three-year contract extension in March 2022 and is now under contract through 2025.

However, the exact financial details regarding his salary and income were not disclosed.

His extensive career, marked by successful negotiations and financial management, continues to contribute to his growing net worth, solidifying his status as a respected sports executive.

Howie Roseman’s Journey to the NFL

The 49-year-old NFL Executive has navigated a unique career path marked by tenacity and an unyielding belief in his abilities.

Roseman has established a legacy of success, from orchestrating the Eagles’ historic Super Bowl win in 2018 to earning two PFWA Executive of the Year awards.

His unconventional background, marked by a lack of playing or coaching experience, sets him apart in the league.

Roseman’s fearlessness and aggressive approach, exemplified by strategic trades, have been key to the Eagles’ consistent prominence.

LII Super Bowl Champion Howie Roseman
LII Super Bowl Champion Howie Roseman (Source: Philadelphia Eagles)

Despite setbacks, such as a public demotion by former head coach Chip Kelly, Roseman’s resilience and self-belief propelled him to greater heights.

Furthermore, his strategic thinking extends beyond player evaluations. Overhauling the medical staff and maintaining meticulous attention to detail behind the scenes contributed to the team’s sustained success.

His innovative approach blends traditional talent evaluation with analytics, earning praise for maintaining a competitive edge.

In the public eye, Roseman has faced both scrutiny and appreciation from Eagles fans. A viral moment where he engaged with fans, acknowledging critiques with a mix of defiance and humor, underscored his newfound confidence and the changing perception of his role.

Despite the role of luck in sports, Roseman’s ability to seize opportunities and navigate the unpredictability of the NFL showcases a unique leadership style.

Moreover, as Roseman’s story continues to unfold, one thing remains certain: his love for the game and dedication to competition.


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