Hugo Gaston Parents: Who Are Thierry And Fabienne Gaston?

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The French professional athlete Hugo Gaston was born to his parents, Thierry and Fabienne Gaston, on September 26, 2000, in Toulouse, France.

Raised in Fonsorbes, he began practicing tennis at a young age as his family were enthusiasts of the yellow ball sport.

His father, Thierry, was the president of Fonsorbes Tennis Club in Toulouse an encouraged his son to participate in local competitions that they organized.

Now, Hugo plays professional tennis at the highest levels, making his parents proud. His dad often refers to him as “the greatest Gaston ever.”

French Professional Tennis Player Hugo Gaston
French Professional Tennis Player Hugo Gaston (Source: Stade Toulusain Tennis Club)

At 18, he won the 2018 Australian Open boys’ doubles title, partnering with another young French player, Clement Tabur.

Gaston has participated in numerous Grand Slam tournaments since 2018 but has never advanced beyond the fourth round, a feat he accomplished at the 2020 French Open.

Moreover, as of August 2023, he holds a ranking of No. 99. He reached his career-highest rank in July 2022, when he achieved the No. 58 position in the ATP world rankings.

Hugo Gaston’s Parents: Who Are Thierry And Fabienne?

Thierry and Fabienne Gaston are the parents of the French professional tennis athlete Hugo Gaston.

They raised him in Fonsorbes, a commune located in southwestern France.

Hugo’s parents reportedly work for the aerospace company Airbus in Toulouse.

Aside from their work, his parents, Thierry and Fabienne, have dedicated their time to assisting Hugo in improving his tennis skills.

Hugo Gaston With His Parents
Hugo Gaston With His Parents (Source: France Bleu)

When Hugo decided to pursue a career in tennis and forego academic pursuits after school, his parents offered him nothing but their ultimate support.

Furthermore, they covered all of his expenses during his participation in junior levels, and one of them often accompanied him during his international travels.

To this day, they continue to attend his international matches, supporting him with cheers whenever their schedules allow.

Hugo also acknowledges their significant role in shaping his sports career and considers himself fortunate to have such supportive parents.

Hugo Gaston’s Girlfriend Is Also From Toulouse

The French athlete, Hugo Gaston, has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Laetitia for around 4 years.

An aspiring fashion model, she was born and raised in Toulouse, a town near Gaston’s hometown of Fonsorbes.

She is active on Instagram and has over 8k followers as of this writing.

Hugo Gaston And His Girlfriend Laetitia
Hugo Gaston And His Girlfriend, Laetitia (Source: Instagram)

Given their shared origins, they may have known each other for several years.

The couple officially announced their relationship in March 2020, each posting the same picture on their social media accounts.

Furthermore, Laetitia enjoys traveling and exploring new places alongside Hugo.

The pair frequently share pictures of their quality time spent in exotic locations whenever Hugo has free time from his tennis commitments.

Additionally, she is a devoted tennis fan, often seen cheering on her partner from the stands during his matches.

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