Ilia Topuria Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Giorgina Uzcategui?

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Ilia Topuria does not have a wife yet as he is not married. But we won’t be surprised if he gets hitched to his beautiful girlfriend, Giorgina Uzcategui, soon.

Ilia Topuria was born in Halle, Germany, on January 21, 1997. He is a mixed martial artist from Georgia and Spain who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Lightweight and Featherweight divisions.

He is #9 in the UFC featherweight rankings as of June 20, 2023. Yair Rodriguez sits at #1, while Max Holloway sits at #2.

Ilia Topuria Getting Inside The Octagon
Ilia Topuria Getting Inside The Octagon (Source: Instagram)

Topuria started fighting professionally in 2015, and these were mostly in local events.

He began his career by winning four consecutive submission matches on the provincial Spanish stage before taking home a belt from the Mix Fight Events banner.

His UFC debut came on October 11, 2020, at UFC Fight Night. Topuria accepted a fight against Youssef Zalal as a last-minute replacement for Seung Woo Choi.

The fighter is all set to fight as the main event on Sunday, June 25, 2023, in UFC Fight Night: Emmett vs. Topuria at Jacksonville Arena.

Who Is Ilia Topuria Wife? Is He Married Yet? 

It is safe to say that Giorgina Uzcategui is not Ilia Topuria’s wife but just his girlfriend for now.

As per her Linkedin profile, she is currently serving as the CEO of Future & Energy since Apr 2022.

Previously, she has worked as a licensed Real Estate Agent at Douglas Elliman Real Estate and Marketing Specialist at Sanclemente Group.

Furthermore, she was also a Fashion Influencer at Aurate New York. In terms of internships, she was a marketing intern at GMB Real Estate Solutions and Alodiga.

Ilia Topuria With His Girlfriend Giorgina Uzcategui
Ilia Topuria With His Girlfriend Giorgina Uzcategui (Source: Instagram)

From 2016 to 2019, she got a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial from Studies Suffolk University.

Giorgina also attended Miami Dade College, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Marketing in 2016. She can speak English, Spanish and Italian.

She loves to party and cherishes friendships a lot, as she thinks that friendship is a treasure. 

Topuria’s girlfriend also loves horses, and she claims that horse riding is her favorite thing to do.

Giorgina loves to read and also has a companion when doing so, who is a cute dog called Valentino.

She loves to travel and has posted a lot of her travel stories on her Instagram, where she shows her adventures from all the way to the mountains of the Italian Alps to cityscapes of Paris down to the beaches of Miami.

The couple was recently spotted walking the red carpet this evening at the Premio Lo Nuestro 2023 awards ceremony.

Ilia Topuria Parents And Childhood

Ilia was born into the household of his father, Zaza Topuria, and his mother, Inga Bedeliani Topuria.

The couple, who are both Gerogian, is blessed with four children, including Ilia. He has two sisters, Mari and Ana Tlashadaze, and one brother Aleksandre Topuria. 

Topuria and his family relocated to Georgia when he was seven years old. This is where his first exposure to the world of combat sports kicks in.

During his time there, he began training in greco-roman wrestling at his school, and to his surprise, he was good at it.

Ilia Topuria Training For His Next Fight
Ilia Topuria Training For His Next Fight (Source: Instagram)

He then relocated to Alicante, Spain, at the age of 15, where he began training in martial arts at the Clement Club.

Ilia’s father has always been very supportive of the pursuit of his passion for combat sports. It is said that Topuria’s father let him drop out of high school at age 15 to pursue MMA.

Ilia has amazing boxing and was a young BJJ black belt. Along with his brother Alex, he earned the title of first Georgian black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in May 2018.

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