Is Adam Schefter Jewish?- Family, Wife & Twitter

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An American sports writer and reporter, Adam Schefter was born to a Jewish family in Valley Stream, New York, on December 21, 1966.

He completed his education with degrees in journalism from both the University of Michigan and Northwestern University.

Following his academic pursuits, Schefter embarked on a career in journalism, initially contributing to various newspapers, including The Denver Post.

His dedication and expertise in covering sports, particularly the NFL, eventually led him to a pivotal role at NFL Network.

Adam Schefter
Adam Schefter (Source: New York Post)

Since 2009, Adam Schefter has served as an esteemed NFL insider for ESPN, where his in-depth knowledge and reporting have made him an integral part of the network’s coverage of the league.

His career trajectory exemplifies his commitment to delivering accurate and insightful sports news and analysis to fans around the world.

Is Adam Schefter Jewish?

Yes. Adam Schefter comes from a Jewish family.

Adam Schefter was born into a Jewish family in Valley Stream, New York, and spent his formative years in Bellmore, New York.

He attended John F. Kennedy High School and successfully graduated in June 1985.

Continuing his educational journey, he achieved his undergraduate degree in 1989 from the University of Michigan.

Subsequently, Schefter pursued his passion for journalism by enrolling in Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Schefter’s journalistic career began to take shape during his time at The Michigan Daily, where he served as an editor, marking the start of his newspaper career.

While at Northwestern, he also contributed as a freelance reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

Is Adam Schefter Jewish?- Family, Wife & Twitter
Adam Schefter (Source: Spotify)

Following his graduation from Northwestern in June 1990, Schefter embarked on his professional journey.

He kickstarted his career as an intern for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer before relocating to Denver in 1990.

There, he commenced his tenure as a writer for the Rocky Mountain News in September 1990, and later, in July 1996, he continued his journalistic endeavors at The Denver Post.

During his time at The Denver Post, Schefter not only made significant contributions to sports journalism but also assumed the role of President of the Pro Football Writers of America from 2001 to 2002, showcasing his dedication and leadership within the field.

A Very Jewish Podcast With AJ Dillon

On September 6, 2022, Adam Schefter engaged in a fascinating conversation with Green Bay Packers running back AJ Dillon about his Jewish upbringing.

This insightful discussion took place on “The Adam Schefter Podcast” on ESPN.

In an inspiring revelation, the Packers running back AJ Dillon shared that one of his early motivations for excelling in football was the prospect of getting out of Hebrew school.

Dillon, who has a Jewish upbringing, discussed his background and amusing anecdotes with Adam.

Dillon fondly recounted his mother’s humorous yet motivating words, highlighting the challenges she faced as a single parent juggling his football practices and Hebrew school.

While Dillon’s Jewish heritage was no secret, his in-depth knowledge of Jewish traditions and culture impressed Schefter, who shares the same Jewish background.

When Schefter brought up their shared heritage, Dillon mentioned that his mother’s side of the family was deeply involved in their Jewish faith.

As the segment on Schefter’s podcast concluded, the Connecticut native took a moment to give a heartfelt shout-out to his mother.

Schefter responded with a warm “L’Shana Tova” greeting, expressing his good wishes for the upcoming Jewish New Year.

Adam Schefter Wife 

In 2007, Adam Schefter entered into matrimony with Sharri Maio a mere eleven months after their initial meeting on a blind date.

Prior to this marriage, Schefter had experienced one previous marriage that had ended in divorce.

It’s worth noting that Sharri’s late husband, Joe Maio, tragically lost his life in the World Trade Center during the devastating events of the 9/11 attacks.

Bringing further complexity and love into their blended family, Sharri introduced her son, Devon, who was born in the year 2000, into her marriage with Schefter.

Is Adam Schefter Jewish?- Family, Wife & Twitter
Adam Schefter And His Wife Wedding (Source:

Together, Adam and Sharri also have a daughter named Dylan.

Adam Schefter’s profound journey and experiences with Sharri, as well as his integration into their family following Joe’s untimely passing, have been beautifully chronicled in his book titled “The Man I Never Met.”

This heartfelt memoir, released in 2018, not only reflects on Joe’s life but also delves into Schefter’s unique perspective on becoming part of their family and the enduring bonds they’ve forged.

Adam Schefter Twitter

Adam Schefter is a prominent figure on Twitter, boasting an impressive following of over 10.4 million devoted fans.

In his Twitter bio, he succinctly identifies himself as the “ESPN Senior NFL Insider.”

For those seeking interviews or podcast requests, he kindly directs them to [email protected], demonstrating his accessibility and professionalism.

Furthermore, Schefter proudly announces his role as the host of the widely acclaimed “Adam Schefter Podcast.”

Is Adam Schefter Jewish?- Family, Wife & Twitter
Adam Schefter Twitter (Source: Twitter)

On his Twitter feed, Schefter predominantly shares insightful and engaging football-related content, providing his followers with the latest and most relevant updates from the NFL world.

He also actively promotes his podcast, inviting his audience to join him in exploring the world of football through the medium of podcasting, making his social media presence a valuable resource for NFL enthusiasts and podcast aficionados alike.


Is Adam Schefter Jewish?

Yes. Adam Schefter comes from a Jewish family.

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