Is Allison Gandlin Pregnant? Flag Player Of The Year Baby Rumor

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The first Flag Football POY, Allison Gandlin, is not pregnant. The pregnancy rumor started trending after her recent appearance while collecting the honor in the NFL Award Ceremony.

Gandlin, 18, a Rutgers University School of Engineering student, is reaching new heights in flag football and recently became the flag football player of the year alongside Ryder Noche.

Allison Previously Played Tackle Football For McKee
Allison Previously Played Tackle Football For McKee (Source: Instagram)

A few people on the internet started commenting on the athlete’s body and started questioning whether the teenager was pregnant.

A native of Staten Island, Gandlin previously played in the MSIT tackle football team with boys. She started playing the girls’ flag football team with New Dorp last year. 

Is Allison Gandlin Pregnant?

The flag football player Allison Gandlin pregnant rumors started making the rounds after she attended the 2024 NFL Award Ceremony. It is a shame that most have decided to focus on Allison’s figure rather than her achievements.

Last night, Allison and Ryder Noche became the first two players to win the NFL Flag Football POY awards. With Alison wearing a body-hugging dress, her body shape was much more visible, due to which people started guessing Gandlin could be pregnant.

Allison is believed to be only 18 and plays a highly competitive sport that requires athletes to have a quick and agile body as well as a strong one.

Allison Gandlin Pictured Receiving Her Flag Player Of The Year
Allison Gandlin Pictured Receiving Her Flag Player Of The Year (Source: YouTube)

They have to follow strict diet routines crafted according to their body’s needs. So, even if it looks like Allison has gained weight, it is probably because that is what the game demands from her. 

Allison enrolled at Rutgers University School of Engineering last year and is one of the promising athletes in her division. And given her age, there’s no chance she would want to start a family right now. 

A Staten Island Technical High School graduate, Allison played tackle football at Mckee/S.I. Tech and started playing flag football for New Dorp last year. 

Allison decided to play for New Dorp as Mckee/S.I. Tech didn’t have a flag team. 

Allison Gandlin Sister, Valerie Gandlin 

Allison Gandlin’s younger sister, Valerie Gandlin, has followed in her footsteps and is also a flag player. 

She is currently a student-athlete at Tottenville High School, and last year received her first official offer from Williams Woods University. Both sisters are part of the Staten Island Giants team. 

Allison Gandlin Sister, Valerie Gandlin Pictured After Winning The NY Jets Regional Championship
Allison Gandlin’s Sister, Valerie Gandlin, Pictured After Winning The NY Jets Regional Championship (Source: Instagram)

On her Instagram, Valerie has shared content based only on her flag football career. Last year, with her team, Valarie was also the Gold Division Champions at the Fall Brawl.

Alongside being Gold Division Champions, Valerie and her team were New York Jets Regional Champions and also won $5k as a reward. The two sisters haven’t shared much about their family on social media handles and have chosen to keep it professional. 

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