Is Caley Chelios Pregnant Again In 2023? Baby Bump Rumors

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Caley Chelios is pregnant with her third child. Chelios is married to her husband, Danny Vitale, a former NFL player

Fans are always intrigued with the lives of their favorite sports personality. Chelios has been a familiar face for the Chicago Blackhawks, ESPN, and NHL Network. 

Many fans had noticed that Chelios had gained weight, with some claiming a visible baby bump on her screen appearances. On October 9, 2023, she officially confirmed her pregnancy news to her fans. 

Caley Chelios Confirms Rumors Of Pregnancy
Caley Chelios Confirms Rumors Of Pregnancy (Source: Instagram)

Caley Chelios was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1993. She is a TV personality, more famously known for her reporting and analysis for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Chelios grew up surrounded by sports and athletes. Her father, Chris Chelios, is a Hockey Hall of Famer, while her brothers, Dean and Jake, also played hockey for Michigan State University. 

Chelios and her sister, Tara, played Lacrosse for Northwestern University. In her four years with the women’s team, Chelios was part of the NCAA National Championship-winning team as a freshman. 

Her career started as a grad student when she had the opportunity to report sporting primetime events like the 2016 NHL Winter Classic and the 2016 NFL Draft. 

She started reporting for the Tampa Bay Lightning, serving them for five seasons. Before the 2021-22 season, Chelios joined the Blackhawks.  

Is Caley Chelios Pregnant Again?

Caley Chelios is pregnant for the third time with her husband, Danny Vitale. She confirmed her pregnancy via a post on her Instagram. 

Chelios and Vitale tied the knot in 2019, with some of the biggest names in the industry making an appearance at their wedding. 

Caley Chelios Expecting Third Child
Caley Chelios Expecting Third Child (Source: Instagram)

The couple announced her pregnancy with her first child in January 2020. Moreover, she took time away from TV, citing focus on her family and moving to Chicago. 

In April 2020, she brought her daughter, Isabella, into the world. Similarly, in September 2021, she gave birth to her second child, a son who they named after his father. 

Four years into their marriage, Chelios and Vitale are pregnant with their third child, due in the spring of 2024. 

Moreover, the 30-year-old mother-to-be appears happy and enthusiastic about having a third child and doesn’t shy away from expressing it publicly.

Only a week ago, she posted a picture with her co-host, Chris Vosters, where she was showing off her baby bump. Her caption read, “Teaching Chris how to take a bump pic.” 

The pregnant reporter can be seen flaunting her baby bump in most photos. The to-be-parents surely can’t wait to bring another child into the world and their family. 

Finding Feet In An Atypical Job

Chelios hasn’t had an easy journey in her career. While most assume her father’s connection helped her get jobs, it couldn’t be further away from reality.

However, she understands the privilege she is in and claims she understands where it comes from. Nonetheless, she also knows the journey she had to make to get to that position. 

Caley Chelios With Co-Host At A Game
Caley Chelios With Co-Host At A Game (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she credits her father for instilling good values and work ethic. According to Chelios, reporting never felt like work to her. 

She was humbled after graduation when she received a lot of rejections from the places she’d applied to. But she never gave up. 

Finally, the Tampa Bay Lightning hired her. However, in a job where most people were former professional players, a young girl with no prior experience was not ideal.

Chelios claims her career growth blossomed working alongside Dave Mishkin, a play-by-play broadcaster for the Lightning.

Mishkin explained that she could identify the rights and wrongs of a play. However, she needed help with presenting things concisely on air.

Moreover, she’s had great mentors in Tony Granato, AJ Mleczko, and Eddie Olczyk. However, she claims that she is still struggling with confidence.

Meanwhile, the Blackhawks President, Jamie Faulkner, stated, “I don’t think that we had or still have anybody who works harder than she does.” He believes that she’s only just starting.

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