Is Cam Caminiti Related To Ken Caminiti? Relationship Explained

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Due to the same last name, Cam Caminiti, a two-way player, gets queries if he is related to late MLB player Ken Caminiti.

And yes, the two are related but distantly. While many sources cite them as cousins only, to be exact, they are second cousins (which means Cam’s father & Ken Caminiti were ‘cousins once removed’).

American Baseball Player Cam Caminiti Aspires To Become A Two-Way MLB Player
American Baseball Player Cam Caminiti Aspires To Become A Two-Way MLB Player (Source: Instagram)

A potential MLB star, Caminiti is the 2024 class of Saguaro High School, where he excelled as a left-handed hitter and pitcher who plays center field.

The 6-foot-1-inch tall player was originally set to graduate in 2025 but reclassified to 2024. He committed to Louisiana State University in December 2021 and signed a letter of intent on November 9, 2023.

His high schoolmates Billy Gregory (with Grand Canyon) and Cade Shumard (with New Mexico State) also signed the letter of intent.

With approaching the 2024 MLB draft, Cam is already receiving visits from the MLB teams, so fans are excited if he returns to college or goes pro.

He aspires to become a noted name in the list of two-way MLB players like Shohei Ohtani, Kota Yazawa, Michael Lorenzen, and Rick Ankiel.

Is Cam Caminiti Related To Ken Caminiti? Relationship Explained

Yes, the Saguaro High alum is related to Ken Caminiti, a late MLB player, who was the 1996 recipient of the Silver Slugger Award.

Cam’s father, Dominic, and Ken were cousins once removed; meaning, Dominic’s father Dominic Sr. (Cam’s grandfather) was first cousins with Kenneth. So, it makes Cam the second cousin of the San Diego Padres Hall of Famer.

The young Caminiti heard the stories of his cousin’s achievements while growing up.

He wore a #11 jersey to start his Scottsdale Saguaro baseball career. It is the same number worn by Ken while with the Houston Astors.

Cam Caminiti And Late Ken Caminiti Are Related; They Are Second Cousins
Cam Caminiti And Late Ken Caminiti Are Related; They Are Second Cousins (Source: Instagram)

As mentioned in AZ Central, the left-handed pitcher’s dad Dominic was ten years younger than the late Houston Astros player. He would often attend Ken’s games and would hang out with him.

Born to Yvonne and Lee Caminiti, on April 21, 1963, Kenneth Gene Caminiti, died at 41 due to a drug overdose on October 10, 2004.

He was the father of three daughters, Kendall, Lindsey & Nicole, with his then-estranged wife, Nancy Smith. They married on November 14, 1987, & remained together for 15 years before splitting on December 10, 2002.

Ken Caminiti, who played as a third baseman, spent 15 seasons in the MLB with the Houstros, Padres, Rangers, and Braves, before retiring in 2001.

From his middle school days until his death, he struggled with substance abuse (alcohol & drugs). Even more, in 2002, he admitted the use of steroids during his 1996 MVP season.

Cam Caminiti Family Details: Parents And Siblings

Born on August 8, 2006, Cameron is the youngest of two children of his parents, Dominic and Tracey Caminiti. As of 2024, the two-way player is 17 years old.

He has an elder sister named Katie Caminiti, born on April 5, 2004, which now makes her age 20. The two siblings have an age gap of two years.

Both Cam and his sister attended Saguaro High School.

Cam Caminiti With His Father, Mother And Elder Sister
Cam Caminiti With His Father, Mother, And Elder Sister (Source: Instagram)

The young baseball player’s parents have been married since June 6, 1998.

Cam’s father, Dominic (b. February 1974), who is from Illinois, currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He works as a director of loss control at University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors

Dominic graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Platteville in 1997, with a degree in Industrial Tech & Occupational Safety.

Caminit’s mother, Tracey, graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2002 with a Business Administration and Management degree. She works at TLC Notary LLC.

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